Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Pilot is Done!

A few nights ago I got to see the shortened pilot for The Power of KC.

Wait a second, let me brush the Cheeto crumbs off of my fingers...

It was very impressive. This will be a local show but its so professional and high tech it looks like something you would see on national TV. I was only one segment of the show so I got to see Jennifer and Phil do their thing, looking all cute and funny. And then it was time for their Power Makeover.

Where is that package of Oreos? They were just here right beside me...

They knocked on my door and there I am in all my non-makeup glory with Emma on my hip and a pony tail on the back of my head. They actually didn't show a whole lot of it. They did show my kids so you will all get to see them. But they sped up the rest-- we're walking to the limo in fast forward. At the spa the show me in a robe and meeting the woman who did my facial and then me getting facial but not me getting into the pool with the waterfall-- THANK GOD!!! Then me trying on clothes at Bella B's and then my reveal.

Before the segment and before the reveal they were talking about this inspirational woman blah, blah, blah and Ross, who watched part of it with me, looked at me and asked "Who are they talking about?"

I, of course, smacked him.

So then the big reveal.... are you ready??? Here I am--

Yep, that's me. I'm fat. I also seem to be having a complexion problem-- maybe its the lighting...

I waddled walked out in all my fat roll glory. I could hardly pay attention to the interview because all I could see was fat. Even my face looked fat and puffy. In my defense, if you remember, I was having an issue with my eye. It was all swollen and red. But still, really!

I think I've let myself go. All I need is a big fluffy bathrobe, some curlers and pair fo fuzzy house shoes.

This is a real photo from the shoot. This is the most flattering photo I could find. I actually look kinda good here. Trust me, I look much worse on the pilot. And don't blame it on film, they shot it in HD which apparently doesn't add 10 pounds so I can't hide behind that excuse.

To the right, behind me, you see Jennifer and Phil filming their segments. To the right, back corner, you see Julia getting some makeup. Their original plan was to include the kids but they ran short on time.

They did mention my blog in the segment (although they got the addy wrong but they say they will fix it) when I sat in a chair next to them and chatted and I did appear to have somewhat of a personality. Overall, it was OK. It was great for them but OK for me. They are still pitching it to the a local station but things are going well and it looks like its a go. That means the show will air in January. However, the pilot should be up on Prizm Productions website by this Wednesday so if you had a desire to encourage your diet watch it I'll let you know when the link is up.

Now my plan is to go on a diet and start an exercise plan. Just let me finish this chocolate cake first.


wingepr said...

I LOVE reading your blog. I can so envision you right in front of me! Really you should be writing for TV.


i need to start that diet with you, right after breakfast

Margaret Miracle said...

I'll have some mint chocolate chip ice cream to that!!! I will have to put it on my calendar to remember to see the show. I am sure you look fabulous...We women are always our own worst critics!!!

Regina said...

I agree with Peggy, I love reading your blog. I love your wit.
If you are serious about a diet (yuck, I hate that word!!) let me know. We can encourage each other. I have lost 44 pounds in 6 months. Still have about 57 pounds to go.
I would love to see the show when you get the link!!

Denise said...

Peggy and Regina,

You both better stop or I'll get a swelled head as big as my body!

Regina, you go girl!!! I'm completely impressed with your weight loss. The really sad part for me is that a year ago I was 2 sizes smaller and I was working out. No time for that now! I have thought about going to Curves. Have you all ever gone to one of those?


Tommi-Lynn said...

D, you look amazing!! Love that dress mama!

Kristin said...

so can we really see the pilot via the website you posted? if so, I am SO there!!!

Denise said...

Yes, they said they thought they would have it on the website by Wednesday so you will be able to click on the button and watch it. I'll post when its up-- against my better judgement!!! LOL


Kay Bratt said...

I think you look great! (and I'm not just sucking up to get you to write me a already did that...)