Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Snuggle Bunny-- Cuddles

I just wanted to show you my newest item-- Snuggle Bunny- Cuddles.

Cuddles is made of 2 different types of Mink-y and chenille. Her body is half dotted Minky and the other half is a subtle star imprinted Mink-y. The front of her head is the star Mink-y and is hand embroidered. Her ear fronts are pink chenille.

The back of her head and ears are the dotted Mink-y. She has seams at her shoulders and hips to make her a little more flexible.

This is Emma's Cuddles and she went to sleep cuddling her a couple of nights ago and she NEVER cuddles anything at bed time. This bunny is so soft I even want to cuddle her!

If you win the drawing on Friday you can also pick Cuddles. I'm also working on one in blue if you have a boy! Pink Cuddles is listed on my Etsy site.


Kristin said...

love, love, love the emma picture!!! too cute!

~Issy said...

LOVE the Emma and Cuddle Bunny photos! I can't wait to get mine for my Emma!