Wednesday, September 10, 2008

There's Always Room for One More Espresso

My Starbucks addiction is common knowledge, and we all know that admitting there is a problem is the first step to recovery. Not that I want to recover, mind you, but my Starbucks gift card does. So with that in mind...

Welcome to the There's Always Room for One More Espresso Coffee House! Your Barista today is Denise!

Sit back and relax while I make you a Mocha latte. You want something else? Too bad, that's all I make...

(Notice the super cool espresso/coffee machine behind me. I got that at Lowe's, of all places, last spring. Also notice the Starbucks mug. That was a belated birthday gift from Ross so when I make my home made Mocha's I feel like I'm drinking Starbucks.)

Still waiting? Yes, it takes awhile. First I have to fill the water reservoir. Then I have to put the espresso grounds holder in and then when the machine has heated up then I have to run it and run hot water through it to heat it up. When that's done I'm ready to get started.

Notice the expertise used to pat the espresso coffee into its special holder. Also notice the high quality plastic spoon. Yep, still no dishwasher.

Here your expert barista is putting the ground holder into place on the machine. I'm sure there is a special name for this piece of machinery, and I'm pretty sure its named in the instruction manual, but since I only glanced at the directions I can't really tell you what it is. But honestly, do I really need to know its given name when I know that the coffee goes in it and the water flows through it? I know all I need to know.

Would you look at that rich, amber colored espresso. Yum, Yum.

(Oops, sorry. Just got done reading 5 Green and Speckled Frogs, you know -- Five green and speckled frogs, sitting on a speckled log, eating some most delicious bugs, yum, yum.

It occurs to me that I've really been spilling my reading material lately, Junie B. Jones, 5 Green and Speckled Frogs, maybe I need to branch out a little.)

Now your friendly barista pours the espresso into the mug. Notice how she has some spillage of espresso there. What a great action shot.

The secret ingredient to our magical Mocha? Starbucks Mocha Powder. Again with the plastic spoon! You think I could have pulled out the good stuff for photos here.

Also notice that I look a bit crazed here. I'm making mochas with a plastic spoon. Cut me some slack.

So your barista adds her magic Mocha powder and in the meantime, she has switched the machine to the steam mode. You know how Starbucks has those really cool stainless steel pitchers that they use to heat their milk?

Notice my super cool Chili's plastic drinking cup! They use a thermometer to check the temperature of the milk; I use my finger. But I'll make sure its clean when I check yours!

Ah, notice the technique as the barista pours the frothy milk into the mug! But the true test is the taste.

Sweet success!

But what kind of coffee place would we be if we didn't offer a quiet reading nook, particularly by a fireplace?

We have that too! Well, the nook with the fireplace anyway.

Not very relaxing. I guess you can't have it all.

So about 10 minutes later I have my Mocha. But you know what?

I still like my Starbucks.


The Sharp Family said...

I LOVE it! How I miss our morning Starbuck's in GZ! Those were the days! I really need to invest in one of those expresso machines. If you saw my monthly expense at SB you would have a fit. Seriously. It isn't good!!!

Denise said...

Starbucks on Shamian Island... the place where I learned to love ICED MOCHAS.

I'll neer forget you Shamian Island Starbucks...sweet memories.

Kristin said...

My sister loves her espresso machine. She uses it daily!! Me? I can't even get into it at all. Give me a coke or diet coke first thing in the morning and I'm happy. When I do Starbucks, it's for hot chocolate!!

Margaret Miracle said...

This is just a cruel post!!! I live 2 hours from the nearest Starbucks!!! I'll take a Venti Coffee Light Frapachino....please!


Denise said...

Two HOURS???? Could life be worth living??? Girl, you definitely need your own espresso machine!

Wow, and I thought I had it rough here because I have to drive 5 miles out of my way to get to a Starbucks. And yet I do it anyway...