Monday, September 8, 2008

Snug as a Bug Boutique-- My Etsy Site

Its official! My Etsy site is up and running! I only have 2 items on there so far but hope to have another item added tonight. My Etsy store is Snug as a Bug Boutique.

The two items I have are what I call Snuggle Bears. They're 12 inch chenille bears. They are both from the land of Sugar and Spice.

This is the sweetest of bears-- Cupcake. She is made from a soft pink chenille. She loves to play dress up and is attired in white tutu and pink ribbons.

Her face is hand embroidered and her seams are re-enforced to hold up to lots of loving from little ones. She is completely machine washable.

Her tutu and ribbons are easily removed.
This Cupcake bear is Jenna's and she's carried her everywhere since I made it. She even took her to school today for show and tell and slept with her last night.

This little guy is Snickerdoodle. He is made from a pale blue chenille. He doesn't like to wear many clothes so is only wearing his scarf. He is made like Cupcake.

If you notice I tried to make Cupcake and Snickerdoodle have somewhat Asian eyes which Jenna just loves! But I plan to offer them with oval eyes and a perfected version of the Asian eyes.

Ryan is not into cuddly toys but actually wanted to sleep with Snickerdoodle last night! His scarf is longer here in this photo but then I shortened it for safety.

Here are my babies with their bears. Emma is NOT happy!!!! I took this last night and she was tired and cranky and ready for bed. She is holding her Snuggle Bear Cupcake in sage green chenille and a cream colored tutu. I haven't got her on the site because I didn't like how her face turned out. Emma doesn't seem to care though.

I will have bears in soft pink, soft blue, sage green and yellow. This afternoon I am working on some bunnies with multiple fabrics. Another project I am working on is soft, cuddly Asian dolls.

All the loveys will be baby and toddler safe with no buttons or parts that can be a choking hazard.

To top it all off I realized when I started this post that THIS IS MY 100th POST!!! Yeah! So to celebrate I am going to give away some of my Snuggle Bears to my readers! Leave a comment and let me know that you want a bear and I will assign each comment a number in the order it came in. On Friday we'll hold a drawing and give away 5 bears. The winners can pick what color and attire they want their bears to have and what type of eyes they want. So their bears will be custom made! I should have more clothing choices for boy bears by then, including a cute little vest.

Oh, and don't forget that if you enter Cynthia's raffle, tell her you heard about her from me and win then you get a free bear or bunny from me!

I kind of hate to advertise this here, I never intended my blog to be an "advertisement" but when I moved to Kansas City I had just started a stay at home job on the computer doing Auto CAD. The job was perfect! But unfortunately the economy has hurt the company I worked for and they had to let most of their employees go. So now I am jobless. This is my way of trying to stay home with the babies for another year or two. I know there are people on Etsy and eBay who make that their full time jobs so I'm hoping for the best-- especially with Christmas coming.


I still haven't done anything with my dishwasher yet. My brother was busy yesterday so he was unable to help me disconnect it and take it back to Best Buy. And, of course, Best Buy hasn't called to come fix it!

23 comments: said...

How cute these are!!! Love the idea...!

Love reading your blog and watching your family grow!

Belinda also in KC area

Anonymous said...

Denise, The bears are precious! You've done a great job on them. I would love one.
Courtney said...

Oh...and yes I want one! oops...forgot to mention that!

Tiffany said...

I love them and I would love to enter your raffle! :) I'm a new reader...

Denise said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! There have been a few serious posts lately but usually its pretty light hearted and funny (if only in my own mind...)

I've got you as comment #3!


Tommi-Lynn said...

So cute-love them both!

Donna said...

I must, must, must have a snuggle bear! Pretty please... :)

I LOVE your blog. It's hilarious. You should write for money!

mom to Lena and Macey

~Issy said...

LOVE your snuggle bears! So cute and well, so cuddly! Please enter me in...

...and a questions. If i order one from your site, could i ask you to make it with bigger ears? LOL, my daughter loves stuffed animals with big ears! :)

Trish said...

I love the bears! Too cute!


Kristin said...

Cute, cute, cute! I hope you are overrun with orders!!

Just getting caught up on the site since being out of town this weekend. Best Buy surely has not turned out to be the best, huh? I hope this saga ends soon.

Carrie said...

Hi Denise,
I have loved reading your blog for a while now. I love it even more when I get on there and see that one of those cute Snuggle Bears may be in my little ones arms. I would love one!
Carrie S.

Sherri said...

Oh, I LOVE the bears! What a precious idea - I'd love two of them please! And with Asian eyes, of course. :) Don't mean to sound dumb, but I don't know about Etsy, and am off to check it out! LOVE Ebay, so I bet I'm in trouble. ha.

joanna and scott said...

Hi Denise,
I love your blog and try to catch up every few days!! I'd love a snuggle bear to take to China when we get Laila!! (We'll buy one if we don't win one though, they are adorable!!)


Christe said...

Cute Cute Cute, love the bears I wish I had the talent to be creative like that. BTW, we are in OP. Christe

Teresa =) said...

Denise -

Oooooo, pick me! Pick me!! I would love to take a Cupcake bear to China for our Molly. (And I'll get the Snickerdoodle for Carson off your site so they have a matched set.)

You are not only a wonderful mother, but an extremely talented lady. You're making the rest of us look bad, girl!

Teresa =)

P.S. Oooooo, pick me!!

Gatlin said...

Denise, these are so cute - you are so talented!!!

And I can't believe all that has happened with your dishwasher - if you were here, I'd march into Best Buy FOR YOU!!! This is so wrong!!!! Sorry you're having to deal with it. UGH!


Margaret Miracle said...

Love the bears and could see Lily and Graeme with one! What a wonderful idea. I checking in quickly tonight but will be sure to check out your new site this weekend! So sweet!

Mrs. Stringer said...

Those are precious bears. I would love to win one. I'm crossing my fingers to give one to my Emogene for her birthday next month.
By the way, I am enjoying your blog. You never elaborated on the tv program that contacted you, or I could be wrong and just missed it.

Denise said...


The tv show that contacted me was the make over show that I did. If you missed that post go back to August 20 'I'm a New Woman" and then I posted pictures the next day, August 21, "Introducing the New Me."

Too bad the new me was only my hair... I still have laundry upstairs that needs to be folded.


Mrs. Stringer said...

I figured out how I missed the new you (awesome hair). By the way, I'm a ponytail everyday girl and only get it cut every couple of years if I'm lucky. Anyway back to why I missed it, I was distracted by your Vietnam posts and never scrolled down to check if you had posted anything else new. You very much deserved the pampering.


Dawn said...

I LOVE your animals and SO want one for our newest son!!

Michelle said...

So incredibly sweet - I would love to have one!

Denise said...


You got your name in just in time!!! I'm having the drawing this afternoon!