Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Check Out These Sites

I have a couple of friends with websites that you might like to check out.

The first is my friend Cynthia. She and her husband Charlie are raising money to bring home their new son Nathan Jade Jin Pei. Jin Pei is 5 years old and will turn 6 in November. Cynthia is hoping she will have him by his birthday. As quickly as Special Needs adoptions are happening with China it's a possiblity!

I met Cynthia back in October of 2003 when I was adopting Jenna. We were in the same China DTC group The October DTC 2003 Smashing Pumpkins. Cynthia adopted her beautiful daughter Emily Rose a few weeks after we adopted Jenna. They then adopted the gorgeous Mary Pearl a couple of years later. In fact, Cynthia was a reassuring voice after I submitted my Letter of Intent for Ryan, assuring me that I COULD handle a child with a cleft palate.

Now Cynthia and Charlie are adding a little boy into their home that is nestled underneath an Oregon mountain. In fact, their blog site is called Under the Misty Moutain. Cynthia does photography and created the back drop on her blog. She has also created several others that can be located here using her photography skills.

I think everyone in the adoption world knows that money is a big issue. A lot of times when we adopt we're scrambling for funds at the end. Cynthia has a site for her raffles for fundraising. She is currently raffling off several pieces of Lia Sophia jewlery. The raffle tickets are $5 a piece. I have my eye on a couple of pieces and while I would love to tell you NOT to bid on them, that wouldn't exactly be fair to Cynthia! You have until September 30 when she has her drawing. Tell Cynthia that you got to her blog through my site and if you win you'll not only win a piece of jewelry but you'll also win a chenille/Minky lovey that I am starting to make to sell on Etsy. I'll even let you pick which animal you want and what color. I hope to have some pictures up here by the first of next week. So get on over there!

Speaking of Etsy, I have another friend,Tommi, who's mother is starting sell items there. Right now she has some darling fall wreathes and a Witches Hat perfect for Halloween. You can check out her items here at Anabelle's Blessings. She only has 4 items up right now but they hope to have even more items listed by this weekend.

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