Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where, oh Where, are the Comments?

At this moment, there are only 7 comments on my Giveaway post. I know that a $25 gift certificate doesn't go as far as it used to but hey! Twenty five dollars! I'm doing this giveaway for several reasons. One, I really, really want to know what you like. Sometimes I do a blog post and I wonder "did they like it?" "did they think this was really lame?" So this way I'll get a sense of what interests you. Two, I want to put a section on the side titled "Reader's Favorite Posts" and I have to know what your favorites are! And finally, three, i just love to give things away and when you leave comments you are usually so sweet that I want to say Thank You!

So I've spent a couple of days mulling this over. Why has hardly anyone commented? I know for a fact that over 120 per day have viewed my blog since the announcement yet only 7 people have commented. After much thought and review I have finally reached a conclusion:

The only logical explanation I can come up with is that over 100 people per day are tied to a chair and forced to view my blog as some kind of punishment.

Back in August when I ran my Vietnam series I had my blog viewed multiple times by the National Security Agency. At the time I presumed it was because I flung around the words "US Embassy" several times. Now I realize the truth: The National Security Agency was studying my blog trying to determine how best to use it as a torture device for suspected terrorists. Glad to be of service to my country, but the least they could do is pay me royalties or something.

So to all you tortured souls forced to read my drivel, I salute you! But you too can enter the giveaway. Those of you in bondage to my blog can write a comment about your least favorite post. What was like fingernails on a chalk board to you? Just ask your tormentor to loosen those ropes just a bit so you can reach the keyboard.

In all seriousness, I think the actual truth is that maybe you are intimidated by this task. Perhaps you feel you must pour over post after post looking for the "right" one. But don't make it so hard! When you think of my blog what post comes to mind? You don't even have to know the title, just say what it was about and I'll figure it out.

Now go leave those comments!


Verlyn said...

OK - here is one reader, reporting in. I am a grandmother of a SN little girl from Chengdu, now 3 1/2, and a SN little boy soon to arrive from Luoyang, now age 2 1/2. I love to read blogs of families who are adoptive parents, especially of Chinese babies. Your blog is especially interesting, your experiences in VietNam had me on the edge of my seat! And the dishwasher saga! It reminded me of the time I bought a washer & dryer from Best Buy - but I won't go into that. Keep up the great blogging - I usually check in every day or so.

Denise said...


Thank you for your comment.

I took my mother to China with me and my entourage of kids this past July. She got to visit an orphange in Nanchang and she seems to have a whole new perspective on Chinese adoption and Chinese children since. I think she's ready to start my dossier for another adoption!!! (Not happening, by the way, for reasons too numerous to list here.)

FYI, I copied and pasted your comment into the Giveaway post. I'm going to pick the winner by a computer random number generator so I wanted to have you listed in the comments there.

Crystal said...

Denise, I commented on the other post already but just wanted to say that I agree with you on the reason you think people aren't commenting. I visit sometimes more than once I say but don't always comment. Now that I know you like receiving comments I'll do it more often.

Little background on me:
My name is Crystal and I live IN Georgia. I am 24 and live with my boyfriend, Anthony. We have two dogs and both work for his dads electrical contracting company. No kids. One day though, I love them! One nephew, Jaydon, adore him! Twin sister, Jessica, and younger brother, Zack.

kitty said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. You are a great writer and very entertaining. My favorite blogs were the Vietnam story and your dishwasher saga. You have more patience with them than I would have had! I am a grandmother of a beautiful granddaughter from Vietnam and three wonderful grandsons. You can say that I am addicted to adoption stories and also, like you I love my Starbucks!!


Sherrie said...

I cannot choose just one post!!!! That is why I did not comment, I like all your posts, although, I have to admit that I'm not as fond of your reposting posts :-). I read your blog from beginning to end, so I've already read the posts that you reposted, and I'm one of those people that can't bring myself to read a book that I've already read. So, there you go, the good, the bad and in between. Did I mention I love all your posts equally????? :-).

wingepr said...

Ok, I think you have just outdone yourself. I didnt enter b/c I couldnt choose just one! I love your blog, I love a good story, and reading your blog is like taking in a good book!

jenn said...

I didn't comment on that one because due to food issues we can't eat places like that. I'd hate to win something that someone else could use :)

I do enjoy reading blogs (yours is one I try to get to daily) and by the end of the night its almost like a race to see how many posts I can read before I end up going to sleep. I do not know how you do it, my four girls wear me out!

Denise said...

Hi! I just started following your blog so I missed the giveaway post. Does this count me in?

I am also Denise and my husband and I have 4 bio boys and this past April adopted our daughter from China.

From what I have read, you are a funny gal and I look forward to getting to know you~

Heather said...

Okay, I have to admit that I love the posts that prove you are a real person. I especially enjoy anything that has to do with messy houses, whiny kids, and going out of the house without a shower! This leads me to my top 3 posts:

1. Goodbye Lazy Days of Summer - It showcases your lovely home directly after "supossed" tornado
2. Airing My Dirty Laundry - Love that your blinds are in terrible shape and that your older son gave the neighbors a nice Chipendales show.
3. Do You Think it's a Sign (Part 2) - Short but sweet. Perfect post for all of us who know how scary "next day mascara" can truly be!

Love the blog. Keep on writing.

Heather said...

Sorry! Posted here but should have posted to be entered into the Giveaway. Can you move me there?

Verlyn said...

I had planned to accompany my daughter and her husband when they go to China this fall to bring back JJ, but now she has decided to stay home with the little girl and let husband and his mother go to get little brother. Admittedly I was disappointed, because I wanted to climb the Great Wall -- but considering I'm an arthritic almost-73 year old woman, that might not have been a good idea. I am very addicted to all things having to do with China. These adopted babies are so precious! but my heart breaks for all the children who may never have a forever family.

Regina said...

I love following your blog. You have a great way of writing that is both touching and entertaining!!
I love the dishwasher saga as well. And the very personal posts about your addiction. . . to Starbuck's. LOL
Blessings to you and your family!!

Mom2Three said...

Oh please -- you have WAY more comments on your blog than I have on mine!! And I have a slew of people every week who check in from Asia, the Middle East, Europe -- why don't they leave comments? I would LOVE to know who they are and why on earth they are reading about my little family!!

As my grandma used to say, "Quit'cher Bitchin!"
Yes. My grandma really said that. Can you believe it?

But I am so slammed right now, I am still trying to come up with seven weird random things about me and seven people to tag!!!
Love from Oregon,
(although I totally redesigned my blog until our son is HOME -- I "Jin Pei'd it up, baby!!")

~Issy said...

Can i comment again for another chance to win? :))))

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