Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've Been Tagged -- Twice!

On Sunday I was tagged by Donna at Lena and Macey and I hadn't had a chance to post my answers yet because I was busy whining on Sunday night and announcing my giveaway on Monday. Then on Monday night Teresa at Continuing the Journey tagged me too. Thank goodness its the same Tag game!!! But as I commented on Donna's blog Sunday evening, I was very excited to be tagged and I'm such a dork that I have always wanted to be tagged, I just hadn't ever been tagged yet!

So I've taken care of rule #1. On to Rule #2.

I briefly wondered if since I was tagged twice if I had to post double the answers but I decided there was no since punishing anyone with having to read 14 esoteric things about myself. I'll just make you suffer through 7.

In no particular order of importance:

1) I got out of my second semester of my senior year in high school to go to college. I had earned all my credits and was bored with high school so I went to a local community college that semester. As I was coming up with these random things on Sunday I told this one to Julia and she asked me in all sincerity. "Mommy, did you use to be smart?"

Amazingly enough the child is still alive with no visible bruises nor psychological trauma.

2) When I was in high school I was in the Miss Blue Springs pageant 2 years in a row. You had to have a sponsor to enter and I was sponsored by the Blue Springs Missouri Historical Society, so that alone tells you that I wasn't picked because of my striking looks. And for the record they picked me, I didn't ask them. I had no delusions of winning. I was more like Miss Congeniality, although I wasn't that either. I could have been Miss Genealogy since it was the historical society... oh, never mind.

No, I didn't win either time nor did I make any type of runner up. I know your next question: What was my talent? I did dramatic readings and I wasn't that bad. My attire was a different matter. The first year I wore this god awful white ruffled dress with giant lilacs all over it. (Which was re purposed the next year as my costume when I played Beauty in Beauty and the Beast.) The second year was better, I wore a lace covered yellow dress with a lace sleeveless jacket. Ah, the fashions in the early 80's....

3) I am unable to smell. I don't ever remember being able to smell. I have no idea why I can't. I really don't remember making a big deal of it and I rarely tell anyone that I can't. Strangely enough when I reached the age of 3o I began to have moments when I could smell, sometimes for as little as 5 seconds and once for a couple of minutes. Its only happened less than 10 times and the first time it happened I was blown away by it. It was completely overwhelming and I couldn't imagine smelling all the time!

I do wish I could smell though. Most people think I'm lucky: I can't smell a poopy diaper, but it makes me paranoid because I can't. If I could only smell one thing in my entire life it would be to smell on of my babies head's after a bath. I have heard it is one of the sweetest smells in the world.

I think this might actually be considered a disability. Do you think I can get a handicap license plate for my car?

4) I have an informal "Bucket List." Darrell and I started our lists of things we wanted to do in our lifetime long before the movie. One thing on my list is that I want to be in a parade.

Even I am a stumped by this one. I don't like parades. I don't watch them on tv or go to see them in person. But yet, I want to be in one. What will I do in this parade? Good question, seeing that I don't really have any parade worthy talents! We'll work out the details later.

5) I have attended 4 colleges and I still don't have a degree in anything. My college education has spanned about 20 years.

6)Kind of a tack on to #5-- I used to want to go to medical school. When I worked in a lab I saw some idiot doctors and I thought to myself "I'm smarter then they are!" I was looking into it when I started dating Darrell but he convinced me not to go because I would have missed so much of the boys' lives. I struggled with this "loss" for a good 10 years afterward. It is one of my biggest regrets, not necessarily that I didn't go when I was dating Darrell but that I didn't go to college straight out of high school. I loved science and I'm positive I would have switched my desired biology major to pre-med.

But then I wouldn't be writing this blog right now.

7) Hmmm, so many trivial tidbits to chose from... but which one? I have had many different, varying jobs. They were/are: fast food worker (Wendy's for 4 years); cashier and jewelry counter person at the now defunct store Venture; Histologist; part time seamstress; order taker at a floral shop; draftsman for a kitchen designer; teacher's aide at a Pre-K class; kitchen and bath designer; writer. Well, I'm working at the writer part anyway.

So now, who to tag?

1) Margaret at Journey to Baby Miracle.

2) Kathy at Our Journey to Lindsey

3) Penny at Oh the Places You'll Go

4) Cynthia at Under the Misty Mountain

5) Trish at Hannah, Taylor & Hailey

6) Issy at Swimming on Dry Land

7) Kristy at Franceskas Journey Home

I can't wait to read their answers!!!


Lindsey's mom said...

Ok I hate to admit it but I am not as smart with the computer as you LOL! I can link you to my post but how do I get the cute you have been tagged thing to show up? Ok I have said it.."my name is Kathy and I need computer help."

Mom2Three said...

*ACK* You suck!!!
Don't you know I am waiting for NEW GORGEOUS PHOTOS OF MY SON????
I can't even think straight and now you give me HOMEWORK???

Okay... maye it will take my mind of off waiting for the photos to come through.....

Denise said...

Well, you've seen that I didn't start out knowing anything. Think of all the posts that I have written with "Tonight Denise is playing with loading video, or Paint," etc.

BTW, I emailed Kathy with how I put the picture on my blog. Of course, I probably did it backwards!

Kristin said...

Great answers!!! Okay, being in a parade? What's up with that? You need to get your kids involved in dance or scouts. Then you'll be in a parade for sure. I can't tell you how many parades I've been in (with my kids) for ballet, Irish dance, or Boy Scouts!!

Keep up the career of writing. It will pay off one day. :-)

Kristy said...

Ok Lady as soon as I have time to sit down and really think about the strange things about myself that I am brave enough to share I will let you know.

Love, Kristy

Kristy said...

OK lady I love your answers and when I have time to sit down and think about what weird things I am brave enough to share I will let you know. Thank you for tagging me!!


Amie@HeartSmiles said...

I don't think I have ever met anyone who could not smell!! And mis geneaology.. funny!

Great list!