Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My New Blog Design

As you can see I got a new blog design today! However, its still a work in progress so please bear with me as I try to get things rearranged. I have some really cranky kids I'm dealing with this afternoon and they babies aren't cooperating very well either.

I did want to point out at the top are links to a couple of new blogs that I started. One is for all of my Vietnam information and the other is for my book I am working on. Just bear in mind that I don't have back links on those blogs yet.


Lori Lynn said...

It's very pretty and neat. I love green, so it makes me feel good.

Lori W

Denise said...

Love the new look!

Lindsey's mom said...

OMGOSH!! I would PAY YOU to design my blog!!!
kathy t

Denise said...

Kathy, I didn't design it! Thank you for thinking I could! I hired a designer named Lindsey from Mommy Chronicles. She and her husband are missionaries in Panama. How cool is that? My blog was designed in Panama! Her link in down on the left side bar. She desgined the blog and the sidebar titles but I had to rearrange all the side elements.

Isn't the slide show totally awesome? It was just supposed to be with the kids but when I saw it I got totally jealous and wanted to be in it too!

wingepr said...

I love the new look!

Dawn said...

I LOVE the slideshow of you and the kids!!