Monday, October 6, 2008

New Vietnam Adoption Series

When I came home from Vietnam last November exhausted, worried and disillusioned I tried to let go of everything I had seen and experienced. That was impossible, of course, so instead I tried to let go of the intense bitterness I felt towards my own government. The United States government I grew up believing in was the land of the just and what I saw happening at the US Embassy in Hanoi was far from just.

When Brooke finally brought her baby home last spring some of the bitterness subsided, but not completely. So in August I wrote my Vietnam Adoption series and I felt better. I had told my story. I thought I was done. I was wrong.

{You can now read my Vietnam Adoption series from the sidebar above my profile}

Recently I have been forced to see that there are still wrongs being commented in the name of "Justice" and I was confronted with two choices: I could sit by and do nothing or I could try to something. I have chosen to do something.

For the record, I completely and totally condemn baby and child trafficking. For that matter I condemn any type of human trafficking. I do believe that trafficking IS occurring in Vietnam, however I do not believe it is happening as frequently as it is being reported.

So what can I do? I am only one voice. But I can become the collective voice for the many families that have been treated unjustly, and more importantly, the innocent children left behind in the orphanages.

I have several families who received NOIDs last fall who are willing to talk to me about their experiences. I also have a couple of recent NOID families, as well as families who have received RFEs. I believe by collecting these stories we can show a consistency, a pattern that is being followed to issue these NOIDs. If you are or know a family that has received a NOID or an RFE in Vietnam would you please contact me at my email address: ? I promise completely anonymity, just as I offered anonymity to "Brooke" in my previous series. Perhaps, as a collective voice we CAN make a difference.

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