Thursday, October 2, 2008

Help! I'm Drowning!

Some days I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Try as I might I just can't keep up. I'm drowning under a mountain of paperwork.

See this stack of papers? This is TWO DAYS of paper work that came home with Jenna the last couple of days. Can you even imagine what this poor girl's carbon footprint is? Its almost as bad as a coal burning steel mill. And heaven forbid I should throw any of it away.

{Starbucks cup? You see a Starbucks cup in the background? Why, I don't know what you are talking about.}

Look at this stack of papers! It's on the counter by the phone. I had a great system when the school year started. Every child got a folder and I would put important papers in the folders. I felt like an utter genius when I came up with this idea. Too bad it didn't work. Most of this is Jenna's work. I would love to keep it all, really I would, but we're only a few weeks into the year and this is only a portion of it.

I feel like I'm in an espionage movie every time I throw something away. It's not as easy as throwing it in the trash can when she's not looking. She notices it in the trash can so I have to hide it underneath other trash. GROSS!!! My garbage disposal isn't working so guess what the "other trash" in the trash can is?

{Yes, I finally got my dishwasher working but it just didn't feel right having all my kitchen appliances working so I decided to sabotage not only one appliance but two! Am I good or what? I dropped the tiny metal tube to the steamer on my espresso machine down into the garbage disposal. No more steaming milk. Hmm ... do you think my home warranty covers espresso machines?}

Anyway... obviously disposing of the evidence (throwing away is such an ugly term) takes planning, and yes, sometimes scheming. If the stack suddenly disappears she wants to know where it went and wants to see it. You can only imagine her reaction when she insisted on seeing the paper with the colored apples drawn on top of children's heads and I "found" it in the trash can with apple skins stuck to it.

"Why how did it get here?" I lied asked innocently.

"But Mommy, its dirty! Its covered with apple peels!" Tears were streaming now.

"Oh, its OK," I assured her. "See? The apple peels match the apples on top of their heads!"

I felt terrible. What kind of Mommy was I? Next time I had to make sure I didn't get caught.

So the stack has to disappear slowly, a few papers at a time. However, from the first photo you can see she usually brings in more than I can toss out. I don't see how I'll ever get ahead. If this keeps up my house will look like this by Christmas:

On the positive side, I might not have to dust or vacuum ever again.


No children or animals were harmed in the making of this post. The paperwork is another matter.


Kristin said...

Oh that is SO my kitchen island!! I toss things at night after the girls are in bed. And yes, I bury them in the trash can so they hopefully won't be discovered. Sometimes I'm busted but most of the time I get away with it. Thank goodness.

Mrs. Stringer said...

I have the same problem with my first grader and preschooler. What I did was buy a rubbermaid container for each child. We call them their buckets. Last year I kept them near our front door. This year I put them in their room. When they bring home artwork or any papers, I look at them and then tell them to put it in their bucket. When they get full (1 year or more), I write the grades that they were in and stick it in the attic. I also throw in birthday cards they receive and their invitations to their own parties to put in for memories. I will add other memory things as well (costumes, Easter dresses, etc.).

Denise said...

Your RubberMaid tub idea is wonderful! I'm going to have to go me a couple!