Monday, October 27, 2008

We Interrupt This Reguarly Schedule Post...

to bring you this late breaking news:

What is this, you ask? Here's a clue:

Jenna lost her first tooth this afternoon! You can see there's already a tooth coming through that was behind it.

Everyone has their own first lost tooth story. Mine is that I lost my first tooth eating an ice cream cone and swallowed it. How lame. Jenna's is full of excitement and drama -- Emma kicked her in the mouth and her tooth just fell out. What a great story to tell years from now! I'm sure it will get quite embellished, although its good enough to stand on its own.

So now, Jenna is excited to receive her very first visit from the Tooth Fairy.

She carried her tooth in a snack sized zip lock bag all afternoon and evening and even drew a picture for the tooth fairy. Julia suggested that the tooth fairy might write a note back. WHOA! Hold the phone! I asked Julia what the tooth fairy was expected to write back because the tooth fairy is awfully busy and didn't usually carry a pen on her while working.

Jenna putting the bag behind her pillow.

Snuggled in waiting for the tooth fairy's first visit. I hope she comes.

OK, that sounded really bad. It IS bad. She will come, pinkie promise because this is Jenna's very first tooth fairy visit. The 15th visit... well let's just say I can't make any promises.

Its been like True Bad Mommy Confessions around here lately so let me add another to the list: Sometimes the tooth fairy forgets to come visit. Now before you start booing and hissing at me stop and think about this fact: We've moved multiple times and I just keep forgetting to send in our change of address card. That's the official kid version. The truth is that sometimes the tooth fairy is out of dollars or she gets super tired, whatever the case, there have been times that the tooth fairy forgets to come 2-3 days in a row. You would think that my children would be upset by this and in fact, at first they were. But they soon learned that the longer it took for the winged creature with a dental obsession to come around, the guiltier she felt and in the end it was to their financial benefit. The normal $1 per tooth rate has been known to jump to $5 after a especially long delay. Good things come to those who wait.

But not to worry, the Tooth Fairy has been notified of Jenna's lost tooth. No disappointed little girls tomorrow. Not about tooth fairy money anyway. The rest is fair game.

Today's scheduled post about High School Musical 3 has been moved to tomorrow. That gives me more time to procrastinate think of more witty things to write.


Lindsey's mom said...

Congrats! Jesse lost his first tooth in the back of my car while eating a chicken strip and swallowed it! His next one he lost in my brother's car in Seattle and never found it. We emailed the tooth fairy to tell her about it and all was well.

Denise said...

OK, you pulled this out of me: True but TOTALLY GROSS story. Trace, my first born, the child whose baby book is full, who has a calendar I kept the first year of his life and wrote something on it almost every day. Yeah, that kid. He swallowed his first tooth too. He was devastated. He was crushed. He was beyond upset. I assured him that the Tooth Fairy WOULD come anyway but he insisted it wasn't the same.

Can you see where I'm going with this? 'Cause I really don't want to finish it. We'll skip over that part and state, for the record, the tooth was never found. Multiple pairs of latex gloves were discarded. Good thing Mommy can't smell. Tooth Fairy still came.

Crystal said...

Congrats to Jenna! I think swallowing your tooth is pretty interesting!

My sister kicked men in the mouth and knocked my two front teeth out because I wouldn't let her play with my Barbie. (She was my favorite!) Then she proceeded to rip the head off of said Barbie Theresa!

Ok, the Trace story...can't stop laughing!

Shari U said...

The tooth fairy who serves our neighborhood has a pretty shabby record, too. She, also sometimes goes several days before she makes a stop at our house. I think she must get really, really busy collecting teeth from neighbor children. Or something.

The Johnson 5 said...

Your good, I can tell you I would do anything and I do mean ANYTHING for my kids but digging through their poop!! I might draw the line right there :):)

Our tooth fairy has also forgotten a time or two. But she always makes up for it in the end....

She also used to leave a trail of fairy dust for our oldest son, he is also my child that I have a full baby book, pictures of EVERY moment of his life and thoughts and writings about everyone of those days also.
The other two, well not so much!!

Does that sound as bad as it looks??

Denise said...

It sounds bad but I think "We're All in this Together" so we all collectively look bad!

Sorry about the above referenced HSM song. Trying get myself in the HSM3 Mood!

Kristy said...

Congratulations!!! We have several of our own "Tooth Fairy" stories around here too, one being the day that my sister totally forgot to BE the toothfairy and when my poor distraught neice woke up and realized this...all my sister could come up with was , Oh look the toothfairy left your money on the counter because YOUR room was too messy!!! Is that just not the most awful thing in the world !!!! Bad Mommy!!!

Carey said...

Hey Denise,
I was having a rough morning (cranky kids who didn't sleep because of nightmares, dog incessantly barking at the gardener, bruise and scrape from slipping on a toy in the shower - you know, the usual stuff) and thought I'd check your blog to put a smile on my face before I run out the door.
Your blog did the trick. Thank you!

I have a random question for you...when do you generally write your blog? First thing in the morning? Throughout the day? When the kids are asleep at night? I'm just curious because you seem to have such a full and busy life and writing takes time (at least for me) so I was wondering if you set aside time in the day or if it varies daily. (I have a photo blog that I update monthly but am considering starting a daily blog with text entries.)
Thanks, Carey

The Gotch 5 said...

Ok I just found your blog through another blog and so on. It is so fun! I love your stories. Our tooth fairy has been a pickle to deal with. She forgets for days on end and then gives $20 bills when in the dark she thought it was a $1 bill then has to explain to the older brother why it was such a high priced tooth. I am so thankful my children are forgiving of their very unorganized tooth fairy.

Denise said...

Carey, finding time write my blog is generally pretty easy. I'm a night owl so I put the kids to bed and then usually start a post right after. Although sometimes I'll work on one during the babies nap time. Some posts take me awhile (more than an hour) while others take less time. Of course, ones like let me list your blog are no brainers. LOL The Lost Tooth post got started around 5:30 because Jenna had lost her tooth, I had taken some pictures and transferred them and started loading them up to the post. Mostly I started this one early so Jenna could see it. But then it was chaos. I'm sure you might know something about that from your comment. :>) I finished it up after the kids went to bed along with loading the bed time pictures. Its not uncommon for me to finish a blog post at 11:30 or later-- but then I'm a night owl.

Some posts take me longer than others because I have several different ways to tackle it and sometimes its seeing which one works out the best. My HSM3 post that I plan to do tonight is like that. I see several ways to do it but not sure which way yet. A little look into my mind-- don't get caught in any cobwebs.

The biggest problem I have right now is working on my book. Obviously the subject matter is pretty intense so I have to do it while the kids are sleep but that's when I'm working on my blog. My son suggested that I work less on the blog and more on the book but I don't want to do that! I have too much fun with my blog and I really think the fun of the blog helps pull me out of a low when I've been focusing on Darrell's accident. So I say thank God for my blog, it stays right where it is priority wise, thank you very much! I might see if my mother can watch the babies a few days a week so I can get more work done instead. Good compromise.

Kristin said...

When my oldest lost her first tooth, she was staying with my grandmother and sister while I was house-hunting in GA. They called me to ask the "going rate". I told them $1.00.

Come to find out that the tooth fairy tied that dollar bill with a red ribbon. So for a long time after that, I had to produce a red ribbon with each lost tooth!!

They were very well-meaning but weren't thinking long term mommy effects!!

Mom2Three said...

I finally remembered to copy the link...

But what's funny is that they lost the same tooth and the next one was RIGHT THERE ready to go!!!