Friday, October 3, 2008

Do you think its a sign: Part 2

Do you think its a sign maybe you go to Starbucks too much when:

1) You go to a different Starbucks than your usual store because you had to take Jenna to school, so while you are out you might as well go but you haven't even brushed your hair yet and you probably have yesterday's mascara still smeared under your eyes but spent you your usual getting ready time snuggling with a 5 year old who's missing her mommy since going to Kindergarten and is feeling a bit less loved since her new brother appeared and you're too vane to face your "regular" Starbucks people since now you obviously know that they know you?

2)Maybe you're a bit too hyped up on caffeine since you probably just wrote the longest run on sentence in the history of the written word?


Kristin said...

Yep, I may have to agree with you! Sorry to contribute to your habit. :-)

I have been known to run to the grocery store or Wal-Mart first thing on a Saturday with no make-up, hair barely brushed, glasses, sweatpants,etc. You get the picture. So, I go to the stores I don't normally frequent so I am not recognized!

Margaret Miracle said...

Your Starbucks obsession makes me laugh and jealous at the same time. I live 2 hours from the nearest Starbucks (yes there are remote locations in the U.S. yet untouched by Starbucks) I was out of town this weekend so I had to go to Starbucks twice in one day. I love it!!!! I just think I am saving a fortune by living in the middle of NO where!

Denise said...


Yes, you're saving a fortune! Maybe I need to move out into the middle of no where!

You know, I WAS making my mochas recently-- until I threw the little metal tube to my steamer down the garbage disposal.