Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reprint Post: Just What the World Needs-- another blog!

I've decided that I love give ways!!! And not just getting from give aways (which I totally love!) but I love to be the one giving away! Its so much fun making someone happy. So I've decided that at least once a month I'm going to have a give away. I'm going to announce my next giveaway next Monday so stayed tuned for the details, but I think you'll like it-- its better then the last one!

In preparation of my give away, I'm re posting some of my old posts, ones that I posted back when I had about 5 people reading my blog and that counted my mother and my then 10 year old daughter! LOL So what better place to start then the one started it all!

But before you read the post that started it all, I thought I would tell you WHY I have a blog. I'm a glass 1/2 full type person, which I think most of you know by now and I've always found the humorous in the mundane in life. Like crying children in a doctor's office, or my neighbors seeing my dirty laundry for months. You get it. I have always thought how cool it would be to have a column like Erma Bombeck and write about the funny things that happen. But I never knew how in the world you got a job like that. And then last summer I discovered the blog Because I Said So and I thought "Oh my goodness! I could so totally do that!" and soon my blog was born.

When I started my blog I had sold my house and was waiting for my new house to be finished so I could move into it and so we were living in the Homestead Suites. We didn't get any of the TV channels we loved-- HGTV, Food Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel. I was also preparing to travel to Vietnam to adopt Ella, my first referral. My oldest son, Trace, was at the University of Arkansas majoring in Guitar Hero. This first post was dated September 3, 2007.


Just what the world needs-- another blog!

You didn't ask for it but you got it-- another blog! Follow along the busy life of my four kids, soon to be five! However, I think its really fair to say 3 kids and soon to be 4 because my oldest is away at college and he's not in our daily lives in spite of my desperate attempts to make him involved with my multiple UNANSWERED phone calls!

How did I come up with the title? It seems to be my motto. "There's always room for one more." We have one dog and the kids want another. My answer " I guess there's room for one more."

"Mom can Anna sleep over?" There's room for one more.

"Wanna bring my nephew on our road trip/vacation?" There's room for one more.

"Mom, can we have a gerbil?" Even good natured mom's have to draw the line somewhere. NO!

But lately, I haven't been saying that. In fact I'm trying to figure how to pass my children out to other people. We sold our home and moved out on August 14 and moved into a hotel room, excuse me, suite. If math is not your strong suit or you can't be bothered looking at the date that this was written, we moved in 21 days ago. But hey, who's counting???? He,he,he, he.... Our suite has been a tight, uh I mean cozy, place with a 16 (just turned 17 today) y/o boy, and two girls 10 and 4. Did I mention the two dogs??? In 400 sq feet? Day after day after day after day? I became so desperate on Day 12 that I finally checked out the room next door to move Ross , the 16 y/o-- sorry 17 y/0, into. As I was helping move his things (I think he brought his entire wardrobe with him) into his new bachelor pad I stopped and said "What's wrong with this picture? Shouldn't I be getting the room all alone???" Although the title of my blog and my motto is "always room for one more" that doesn't mean that I make room for more by letting my 3 children stay in a room alone and wipe each other out. So like a good mother, I sacrificed myself for the safety of my children.

You have to understand, I am a loving, usually patient mother who can tolerate a lot. But Mother Teresa would take to the bottle here! Last week I was talking on the phone with my friend Mindy, my travel mate in my upcoming adoption trip. I was headed out the door with the two girls and all of a sudden Jenna, the 4 y/o wants to get into the car on Julia's side, the 10 y/o. Julia is unhappy with Jenna and decides this is not an option and begins to slam said door closed as little sister is trying to climb in. In response I scream "Julia Marie you're going to hurt your sister!" Luckily, I stopped her in time and saved Jenna's life. Mindy, listening to all of this said "You have to get out of that hotel! That's the second time I have heard you yell at them since you moved there and I never heard you yell at them before."

Yesterday, I finally caught, I mean got a hold of, Trace my son at college. Poor boy was doing laundry and had nothing better to do than talk to his mother. While we were on the phone he asked "What is all that noise?"

"That's your sisters."

"What are they doing?"

"They're fighting. They're playing Ultimate Fighter."

Silence. Then "What???"

"Well, with no Disney Channel and no Nickelodeon Channel all they have is Discovery Channel and 6 ESPN channels. Better to play Ultimate Fighter rather than Survivorman. One of them would end up eating the other one."

Of course, then there really WOULD be room for one more...

My darlings trying to pin each other.

And the 4 year old wins!


The Ulrick Gang said...

I just wanted to thank you for writing about your day to day adventures and it is so nice to realize that someone else's life seems as full and crazy at times as mine. I'm sure you get lots of stares and "wow, you have your hands full" comments as do I.

I also had read a great idea about what to do with the mountains of art work that our children bring home, staple it to the walls in the garage for the year. At the end of the year, take it down and then you will have room for the next year.


Rebecca Ann said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up with your family over the last few months. You all have grown and changed so much since your time in Little Rock. :) I just love seeing pictures of the kids and hearing all your stories.
Rebecca Ann

Kristin said...

I remember those early posts and thought you were crazy trying to live in a hotel. There is no way I would survive!!

I love Erma Bombeck and have several of her books in my nightstand for easy nighttime reading. :-)

Denise said...


It seems like every time I go to Costco its like I'm Angelina hauling around my kids. (Maybe they actually think I AM Angelina-- I mean I look just like her!) People just outright stare, especially when the 2 little ones are sitting in the front of the cart. I guess its a good thing I'm used to it. I just ignore it.

And Kristin, you just knew sooner than the rest of the world that I AM crazy! I think the 100 or so posts after the first one have proved that!

Kristin said...

Becky, love the "staple the work to the garage walls" idea!! Hadn't thought about that.

Denise, well, if you are crazy, then I am right there with you. Two crazy 40ish blogger buddies. :-)

Denise said...

Look out world! Two crazy blogger buddies on a tatto road trip!