Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Day in the Life of an Absent Blogger

I realize I've been a neglectful blogger. First I moved and then things started really flying with our adoption. In fact, I've been so neglectful that I didn't even post that I received my TA-- Travel Approval --last Friday. We are leaving one week from today! But more about that later. This post is about a day in my life so you can see why I've be away.

First let me set the stage. At the beginning of this particular day (yesterday) I'm leaving for China in 8 days, my unfinished basement is being finished annd my baby Emma was determined to need ear tubes BEFORE we leave for China and this was decided by the ENT the day before and I still don't have my international flights lined up. Oh and its my brother's 40th birthday which the family planned to celebrate that night and also celebrate his father-in-law's 68th birthday as well as our father's earlier 70th birthday. Which was potluck. Oh, and my new social worker is coming for our home study update. No pressure.

The day begins bright and early at 6:30 as our blogger wakes up to wake up Ross who has gotten a temporary job making $10 per hour! Ross is finally up and on his way by 7:00 and I start to pick up the kitchen from the night before. I then take advantage of the sleeping baby and take a quick shower.

7:30 brings the heating and cooling guys who are putting in new duct work in the basement as well as a guy to extend the gas line so that I can trade my electric cook top for a gas one. The gas line guy tells me that the separate oven underneath the cooktop has to be pulled out so he can run the gas line up. My contractor (AKA my brother's brother-in-law Brad) is supposed to be here at 8:00.

8:15 The gas line guy wants to know where Brad is. I tell him he's supposed to be on the way.

8:30 Still no Brad so I tell the gas line guy I will call him. It is then I discover my phone line is out. I grab my cell phone to call which for some reason automatically adds my old area code in front of his cell phone number. Spend 5 minutes trying to fix. Discover upstairs phone works. Brad is moments away.

8:45 Brad needs oven manual to see how to remove. Search for it upstairs. Email from my agency says they need my travel itinerary to Hong Kong by that afternoon. I email the 3 agencies I have been in communication with hoping to hear from one. Emma and Jenna wake up. Julia has spent night at a friend's house.

9:00 Oven is in center of kitchen floor. Trying to pick up house. Trying to keep Emma from oven. Decide its not good if new social worker finds infant crushed by oven. Brad wants to know if I want the oven put back in. Should I go ahead and get new oven and cooktop now? Go to Sears website to check out inventory. Staying clear of Best Buy. (See earlier post)

9:30 Julia comes home. I put her to work picking up. Check email for answers from travel agencies. Nothing. Feed children breakfast. Vaccum carpet. Still checking Sears website.

10:00 Decide new oven and cooktop aren't necessary right now. Need oven to cook pies that afternoon. Get an itinerary from my preferred travel agent. Forward to adoption agency. Get phone call from agency. 1) Need itinerary (check-- already done) 2)Minor problem about being refingerprinted. Need to make sure the cleared results were sent to the US consulate in China.

10:15 Call FBI and find out that my fingerprints were cleared and sent to a "Service Center" on the same day they were taken, June 25. Next step call the National Visa Center to see if they forwarded my "Visa 37" to China. National Visa Center lets me pick customer service person option but the line busy. Kicks me back to main menu, people still busy and completely kicks me off line.

10:30 Still picking up house. Checking email from travel agent to get PRICE for tickets to China. Call National Visa Center. Repeat from 10:15.

11:00 Gather paperwork for Social Worker. Feed Emma a bottle. Look for spare electrical outlet plugs to cover outlets in Emma and Ryan's room. Call National Visa Center. Repeat. Ross calls and says that his job is done for the day due to the rain. Major complication averted-- he needed to be present for the home study visit. Brad reconnects oven.

11:30 Childern hungry. Realize SW coming in 30 minutes. Start to make lunch. On phone with National Visa Center and miss call from hospital where Emma's ear tubes will be put in next Tuesday.

11:55 Children eating lunch. I grab a quick bite. SW arrives but waits for a few moments longer because door bell has become an quieter annoying buzz rather than a ring.

12:00-1:40 SW interviews us and tours house. Provides great information about toddler adoption. Emma falls asleep in my arms.

1:45 Listen to voicemail from new pediatrician's office saying need Emma's records faxed from Tennessee. Kids complain cable TV is out. Too bad-- go find something else to do.

1:50 Call doctor's office they have Emma's old file but can't fax to ENT's office because its "not theirs" I tell them my old doctor won't fax medical records. They tell me to try. Call old pediatrician's office and they say they will fax a letterhead paper with previous ear infections, dates and medication. Call back new pediatrician's office. Call hosptial and get voice mail. Kids tell me internet is out. WHOA!!!! THAT'S A PROBLEM!!!

2:00 Call Comcast. Recording says there is a problem in our area. Call National Visa Center on my cell phone. Repeat.

2:10 Ross and I go to grocery store to get items to make pies and side dishes for party. Realize I never figured out what to get my father. Look at grocery store and find nothing. (Yeah I know -- the grocery store????)

3:00 Heat oven. Call National Visa Center. Repeat. Decide at this point that National Visa Center has no hold for calls and that getting through might be harder than winning the lottery.

3:30 Bake pie crusts. Feed children snacks. Realize that cable TV is back, no phone service downstairs or upstairs NO INTERNET!

3:35 Call Comcast. They reset modem. Internet is back. Quick check of email.

3:45 Start to make pies (French Silk)

4:00 Call my brother to see if he has thought of a gift for our father. While the phone rings I forget who I am calling and why!!!! Remember as I hear his voice on answering machine.

4:30 My brother calls and has thought of a gift-- luggage set. He offers to take some of my children if they are underfoot. I decline the offer. (Didn't we discover at 4:00 that I had officially lost my mind?)

4:45 My brother calls back to discuss a couple of options.

5:00 Start to cut up potatoes and onions to make fried potatoes.

5:30 My brother shows up to pick up a drink container.

5:40 Start to cut up vegetables for steamed veggies.

5:50 Still cooking. Make sure Emma and Jenna have clean clothes and diaper (Emma.)

6:15 Leave for the party which started at 6:00.

9:30 Come home from party. Get girls ready for bed. Briefly talk to travel agent who will call later.

10:30 Talk to travel agent.

11:15 Pass out from exhaustion watching Design to Sell.

I had every intention to post about our travel, even show you pictures of what we have gotten for Ryan. You can see there was no time to do any of that!!!


Teresa =) said...

Wow! It's not only amazing that you crammed all that action into one day, but that you remembered enough of the details to blog it!!

After reading about your day, I think I need a nap...

Teresa =)

Kristin said...

Holey toledo Denise! No wonder you haven't been updating. Whew. I am exhausted just reading it all!

Take a few days to rest before heading to get your sweet boy!