Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Park Pictures

I didn't use so many wonderful pictures in the other post I thought I would include them in a separate one.

The first photo is looking towards the back of our small bus on the way to the park.

Pictured are Ashley on the left. On the right from front to back: Shannon with baby Grace behind the seat, Jim, Shannon and Penny in the back row with baby Norah, again hidden behind the seat.

A man made rock formation at the beginning of the park.

A small pond. Front to back on left: Brook and my mom, Carolyn.

Here we are at the exercise area. Left to right: Ashley, Shannon and Grace, Penny and Norah.

Julia, Jenna, Ashley on equipment. Shannon in background watching with Grace.

Beautiful Pagoda. There were flowers in the park but not as many as I thought there might be.

Another picture of the small pond.

A statue in the park. This was the entrance to the rides and activities where we saw the goat rides and the balls.

There was an area where a man was selling goldfish and turtles. I didn't get a picture of the very large fish tank but Jenna REALLY wanted to buy a turtle to take home to Ross, her 17 year old brother. I told her it simply wasn't possible. Here reply? "But Mom Ross REALLY wants a turtle!!!" He'll just have to get one at home!

This somewhat reminded me of our trip to Vietnam. While visiting the orphanage Jenna was playing with a kitten. The nannies in the orphanage loved Jenna and we were about to leave they told me through a translator (the brother of one of the workers) that they wanted Jenna to take the kitten home!!! I was worried that I would offend them if I refused. Gift giving has significance in Asian cultures, but I knew there was no way we could keep the kitten in the hotel, much less take it on the 17 hour plane ride!

Jenna after she started her goat ride.

Another picture of Jenna starting her goat ride.

Jenna and Brook out on the pond in their balls.

Flowers close to the entrance/exit of the park.

This curved, carved stone wall was behind the flowers above. We were all so hot that I didn't even think to ask Evelyn what its significance was. However, if I were to bet, I'm think it is something to do about the beginning of the revolution which began in Nanchang on August 1st.

Yes I know the carving looks like it has more historical costumes but EVERYTHING in Nanchang is August 1st.

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Kristin said...

Ah yes, have you been to the August the 1st park?? It was past the Jiangxi Hotel where we stayed. I liked the People's Park more but thought I'd ask since you mentioned the date thing!!!

How cute that Jenna wanted to bring a turtle home for Ross! Kind of a long plane ride though!

Glad Julia has some teens to hang with instead of the younger siblings. :-) I know she is enjoying that. I was so glad Alex had a friend on our trip for Anna Grace. It sure helped keep him sane! Katie was very happy playing with the babies. On Abby's trip, it was just us so they had to hang together---which wasn't a bad thing.

Hey, be sure to post to the WC group how you are so easily able to post to blogger. There are many others who would like to do the same but have heard horror stories. Are you using anonymouse? That's what Dave used when he was there.

Okay, enough comments. Have fun today!!!!