Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Settling In

We've been home 4 full days now and I can't believe how well things are going. Last night we all slept during the night time! The kids were asleep by 8:30-- Ryan fell asleep at the dinner table around 7:30!

I've also been amazed how how well Ryan seems to be fitting into a routine here.

Ryan and Jenna eating breakfast yesterday morning. We're still experimenting with American foods. It was determined that he really doesn't like toaster waffles but he does like fruit, cheerios and orange juice.

Emma and Ryan in their new car seats. They both got new car seats and look-- they match! I figured if I was getting 2 seats at the same time they might as well match. Why two? Didn't Emma have one? Yes, but it was an infant rear facing seat and she turned 12 months on our trip. Its obvious she meets the 20 pound rule so I got her a new seat too. Emma thought she was pretty hot stuff turned around like a big girl. One of her favorite parts? Seeing Momma when she turns around. She gives me a great big smile.

And how does Ryan like his car seat since he most likely never sat in one in his previous life? He loves it! He sees that Emma sits in one next to him and Jenna has a car seat/booster seat in the row behind him and he wants to be like his sisters. Yesterday afternoon I took them to the pool and I put him in first and then Emma because I was carrying both at the same time. He got upset with me because I hadn't buckled his seat yet. He said "Momma!" and then patted his straps at his chest. How funny, maybe he'll be the new Seat Belt Nazi.

Another reason to like the car seat is that he literally has a front row seat to the DVD player overhead. The current feature film is Alvin and the Chipmunks which he finds very funny. Maybe he'll give toaster waffles another try since the chipmunks like them so much.

Here we all are at the doctor's office. You're thinking "Wow that was fast getting him into the doctor after coming home!" The appointment wasn't for him. It was for Julia. She has been covered in hives since Monday and started getting joint pain and a fever on Tuesday morning. Today, Wednesday, she still has joint pain and a slight fever and still has hives although they lessened. The diagnosis was unclear, perhaps a virus in combination with an allergic reaction to ??? She was told to take Zyrtec and Benadryl twice a day which helped yesterday. Today we only took the Zyrtec since she was better but her hives started getting worse tonight. They did do a strep test which was negative.

Now Jenna isn't feeling well and is running a slight fever. We'll see if she gets hives too.

Riding in a shopping cart. They both were in one the day before at the grocery store but the cart was bigger so they both sat in the front seat with each one sticking one leg out and bending the other in the seat. He likes this too and wants to ride in them.

{We're at CVS pharmacy getting Julia's Zyrtec.}

For the time being both little ones, or The Babies as they are now being called, are sleeping in my bed so I put them both down together at nap time. Ryan seems to really like sleeping with Emma and will reach over and give her pats.

And another big accomplishment-- letting his big brothers hold him. Here he let Ross put his pajamas on him and really enjoyed it. He's just sleepy and not unhappy like he looks.

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Kristin said...

We call our little ones "the babies" too! I'm trying to move past that, but Dave keeps doing it. :-)

Love the update since being home. You are on the ball. Wow! I'm am so excited to see Ryan settling in so well. I look forward to future updates! Now, if only I would do the same on my site. Hee hee!