Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Shamian Island Photos

My earlier post with Shamian Island photos showed the pretty view of the island. The some of following photos show a less pretty side.

The signs in English are funny here, although I remember more funny signs last time, but maybe that was in Beijing. In any case, Julia really liked this one.

Down by the White Swan there are many restaurants. This one shows its food in the window.

Is that what I think it is???

Yep. The entire chicken because waste not, want not. You can watch them cook in the window. Maybe these chickens are for take out?

In the evening many people come out for entertainment. (I have pointed this out to my children several times!) Often they play badminton, but these middle aged gentlemen were playing hackey sack.

And they don't have shirts on. Its hot! ( Sorry its blurry...)

They look like they are working up a sweat there. That's good, be sure to hydrate!

Next to our hotel, the Victory, is a 7-11 where we buy our drinks. A can of soft drink in the hotel is 26 RMB. (Over $3) A bottle of soft drink at 7-11 is 3-4 RMB. (Under $1) You do the math.

The other day I went over to get drinks and saw this on the sidewalk next to the 7-11.

Wooden buckets of fish and shell fish. I like the fish tags on the buckets and baskets.

Buckets of crabs and shell fish. If you look closely you can see that the crabs claws are tied shut with thick husks or rope.

A bucket of...? I am guessing eels since the rest are sea foods? It does look a lot like that one dish on the cruise.

The 7-11 right next door. It turns out that there is a restaurant next door and the seafood was outside the restaurant. Maybe you can pick your own dinner.

A bunch of bikes lined up by the 7-11.

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Sherri said...

I love it - "Maybe the chickens are for take out!" LOL! Still enjoying the adventure with you all! So sorry to hear about Emma's pink eye, and hope she doesn't share it. :) Bless her heart!