Tuesday, July 22, 2008

To Market, to Market and Swimming on Top of the World

On Tuesday morning we had the option of visiting the Pearl Market. We weren't taking a bus but instead were taking taxis so that we could leave on our own when we were done.

I was concerned about taking the mega stroller in a taxi which was already going to be full of people so I made the executive decision to leave it behind. I say this was an "executive" decision because it was not supported by my underlings. I'm pretty lucky that both Jenna and Ryan would rather ride in the stroller but its also a problem. When there's walking involved it comes with great protest, especially Ryan. His absolute preferred mode of transportation is in Mommy's arms. Stroller is a very close second. There really is no third.

So we left the hotel with grumbling about the abscence of the stroller and there was great specualation as to what would happen with Ryan. Jenna announced that she would carry him.

After a couple of attempts she realized that this really wasn't going to work. I wonder why. He weighs about 2/3s of her weight.

We walked the few blocks to the White Swan where we all got into taxis.

This was the taxi we took. Mom and Emma were in the front. Jenna, Julia, Ryan and I were in the back. A great bargin of 10 RMB, about $1.50.

And this is where we were dropped off. I instantly remembered coming here 3 years and 51 weeks earlier when we adopted Jenna. Notice Penny in front of the statue.

There is an extremely large big screen tv in the middle. I wonder if I can fit that in my suitcase to bring back to my boys as a souvenior???

Many American "restaurants" KFC, Papa John's McDonalds. One you don't see is Pizza Hut. Its there but in a different spot. It brought back sweet memories of Jenna's first experience with pizza.

We entered a mall and walked across, into a court yard and then into another mall. We had arrived at the Pearl Market.

We took the escalator down to the bottom floor and the shopping began. I must say its a great idea. Its an entire mall devoted to stones, precious jewels and jewelry. Julia was in heaven.

Jenna, however, was not. The stroller has made her lazy and she was very unhappy without her stroller. I told her to try to be happier but she told me she couldn't because she left her smile back at the hotel.

We didn't really buy much, I bought a very inexpensive non semiprecious stone bracelet and a small pearl ring for Julia. Also another bracelet for Jenna -- I think she has 3 now. Then it was back to the hotel. Something great did come from being stroller free. I made Ryan walk, under great protest at times, but by the time we got to the hotel he was running freely and happily. He and Jenna ran ahead to our room. When I took this photo he put his arm in front of his eyes, his newest game when I take out the camera.

After yesterday I made sure that the children got naps after lunch. They easily fell asleep and we had to wake them to go on our next adventure.

Swimming on top of the world.

OK, so its not really swimming on top of the world, but it does kind of feel like it. The Victory Hotel's swimming pool is on the roof which is on top of the 9th floor. Its really amazing to see the city while your in the pool. Even Ryan was impressed!

The water was warm and the air was hot so the criteria was met for me to enter the pool. I only enter the pool if I am HOT. Jim, Ashley and Brooke were there so Ashley asked if she could take Emma into the pool. That meant I could focus on Ryan. He was reluctant to get in but once he did he enjoyed it. The depth was was over his head so I had to carry him, much to his delight. and we just walked around and he splashed. After awhile Ashley handed Emma back.

So then I had 2! See Ryan almost has a smile here! I'm squinting because the sun is in my eyes.

We swam for over an hour and then we all decided to go back to the room.

Here's a great photo of my angels after they got out of the pool. See it really does look like we are on top of the world. Well, at least on top of Guangzhou.


wingepr said...

I have so enjoyed following your trip, we've only been home 3 months with our little beauty, but it seems so long ago. Your post bought back some memories.


Sherri said...

What a fun day of shopping and swimming pool time! I had to laugh at Jenna's sweet comment. Bless her heart - it sounds exactly like something I would hear from my barely 6 yo! Too cute. Enjoy these days!

Kristin said...

I so get the "I want the stroller" thing. I am glad you all survived without too much difficulty. :-)