Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shamian Island-- Waiting in Paradise?

Days ago I promised to show you Shamian Island and so far nothing. So to make up for my negligence yesterday I thought I would show you some of the photos I have taken of the island this week.

Shamian Island is so different from Nanchang. For one thing in Nanchang we couldn't even walk the streets. And in Nanchang we were busy everyday and did things with our group all the time.

Here on Shamian Island it's a more leisurely pace. We stroll the streets with little fear of being run over by a car. And its beautiful. I tell you, how could going to Starbucks be more perfect?

Have you ever seen a more beautiful setting to drink your coffee? Of course, I never sit out here because its too hot! But I do appreciate the beauty as I go inside.

This island is beautiful and I have included several other photos. I'm not going to include captions though because I think they just speak for themselves. Or I'm being lazy. Or tired. Or all three. I'll let you decide.


Julie said...

Denise, I am having so much fun on my "virtual trip" back to Guangzhou! Ryan really does look much more relaxed in these later pcitures! He is just adorable as are all of your children!

Thanks for letting me tag along! I wish I was there in person!


Mom2Three said...

I am going crazy reading your blog... I want to be in China picking up my son!!!!!!
Keep writing -- you are SO funny... and it brings me closer to China knowing you are there!

I will avoid the green balls.
Cheese Pizza Hut pizza all the way!