Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Uneventful Afternoon for Some/Moving for Others

After we ate lunch on Wednesday afternoon I took my little group up to our room for naps. We were all hot and sweaty so I decided a bath might be a good thing before climbing into fresh, clean sheets.

Emma, Ryan and Jenna. They all take a bath together when I bathe them and they always end up in this order. No hair washing this afternoon, just a bath.

Then it was out of the tub and into clean clothes. Ryan knows the drill now. Bath and then into bed. I found that very funny. I've given him a bath twice before and both times it was bath and bed so he just assumed they went together.

Naps didn't come immediately but they did eventually come. Emma first, Jenna and finally Ryan. I'm not sure if its because he's still uneasy or if this is his way of falling asleep but he plays with his fingers and with his stuffed monkey we gave him before he goes to sleep. But once he's asleep he's a very sound sleeper.

I would love to insert a photo of my babies sleeping all nice a snug here and I actually went to reach for my camera but it wasn't with me. Julia had taken it on her excursion.

Penny, Norah's new mommy, had the opportunity to visit Norah's orphanage here in Nanchang. Mom and Julia wanted to go with her. Although I would have LOVED to see it I knew it was a bad idea with Ryan.

I spent the time the children were napping to post yesterday afternoon's post and when I finished and the kids were starting to wake up Mom and Julia were back.

Evelyn took the 3 of them to get diapers for the orphanage to give as a gift, which was really their ticket in.

I am of course going off of what I was told, but they said this was the entrance to the Nanchang Orphanage. Mom was surprised that it was next to a retirement home but I told her that was pretty common.

This section of blue, lower level, is where Norah lived.

Mom and Julia were quite impressed with the orphanage. They weren't allowed to take pictures inside but they said it was clean and the nannies were very sweet and loving to the children. They said the orphanage was 95% special needs children. They got to several newborn babies in the nursery. Mom was quite impressed to see the medical equipment and care these babies received right there in the orphanage. Several of the babies were cleft lip/palate, some were blind and some partially deaf. Other children had orthopedic issues.

Mom said there was one little boy that followed her around and wanted her to pick him up. Evelyn told her it was all right so she did. He stayed with her until she left and when she did he cried for her. It broke her heart.

Mom said that it moved her because some of these conditions were so easily taken care of in the US but there isn't enough money available to get the surgeries these children need.

I guess Penny asked how long she had wait until she could turn in her dossier to adopt again: Mom knew the answer to this one. Six months for special needs. I think Mom was ready to volunteer me for my next adoption! I told her that that wasn't a possibility for me anymore. China is closed to singles, even for special need adoptions.

The beautify of the afternoon was that I think my mom got a glimpse into my heart and my love for the unloved.

Ok, enough mushy stuff!

Everyone ordered Pizza Hut for dinner but we ate in our own rooms. We had pizza the night we got Ryan so it was interesting to see the difference in how he ate Sunday night to how he ate Wednesday night. The first night the pizza sat on his lap for the longest time and then he picked it up and nibbled on it. Last night he watched us to see what we did, especially Jenna. Jenna grabbed a piece of pizza from the box and then so did he and he carried it around very confidently, eating just the cheese of the top first!

He saw me giving small pieces to Emma to eat and he started tearing off small pieces and putting them in her mouth. It was so sweet! This was a welcome change to the obvious jealously he had of her earlier (which was quite understandable.)

It had been 72 hours, the magic number for children in adoption. The first 72 hours are often rough as the children adjust and react to their new environment. After that they accept their situation and start to come out of their shells. Ryan has definitely started coming out of his!

At first he only wanted me or Jenna but last night he was interacting with everyone.

Julia was on the computer with Webkinz and Ryan wanted her to see the alarm clock.

He's showing Mom the alarm clock here.

He's just a more open little boy. Extremely sweet and sharing. He gave me kisses last night after Jenna kissed me on the cheek. I love to listen to his sweet little voice with his baby Chinese but he's trying to speak English! Last night we swore we thought we heard him say "thank you" when someone handed him something. And yesterday afternoon when Mom went to her room he pointed after her and it sounded like he was trying to say Grandma. At first we thought he was trying to call Jenna "jiajia" which means big sister but it sounded more like grandfather "yeye." Evelyn told us she thought he was actually saying "Jenna."

I had to throw this picture in of Emma eating her cheerios, Most photos show her either with a great big smile or none at all. This little smile was just too cute.

Although this photo is kind of blurry (Jenna took it) it just shows how much more relaxed he is. I think he's starting to feel more secure.


Kristin said...

Great update! We didn't get to visit our girls' orphanages so enjoy reading the experiences of others.

I love that Ryan is settling down now and going to everyone. He will continue to blossom more and more now! Just wait until he gets home to his big brothers!

Too cute about him copying Jenna while eating his pizza and feeding Emma baby bites. He is learning so much by copying everyone.

Can't wait until tomorrow's update!

Sherri said...

Oh, I love the photos once again! How cute - three little ones in the bathtub! And very cute smiles from Emma and Ryan. I'm so glad he is feeling more and more relaxed, and know you are too! Thanks again for sharing so much - and especially the mushy stuff! :)

Kellyann said...

How wonderful that you now have your boy with you. Finally! I am glad to hear he is adjusting more and relaxing some. I have found that it gets even better when you get home with them.
Tell your mom that if she wants to help another SN child come home she can help us! We are paperchasing for our 3rd and it is slow due to lack of funds. We adopted two in two years, one being a SN boy. Boys are AWESOME!

wingepr said...

He is just adorable. He just looks so sweet! What a lucky "Mommy" several times over.