Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday at Teng Wang Pavilion

Sorry that I am a day behind. Having 3 children ages 5 under will do that to you!

Yesterday our group went to the Teng Wang Pavilion. The Teng Wang Pavilion was originally built 1400 years ago by the 23rd son of the Emperor. He wasn't well liked by his father so he decided to grab his attention. I have to add that this isn't the orginal structure. The original and many others after it were made of wood. The latest rebuilding was done in 1989 and it is now maded of concrete.

It was a VERY hot day! We have only just started and Julia, carrying Emma, is already hot.

The girls bought small fans at a souvenir shop to the left. Ryan had mine torn apart in about 10 minutes.

The Teng Wang Pavilion and our group! Left to right: Brooke, Ashley, Grace, Shannon, Jim. my mom Carolyn, Me with Ryan (yes the back of his head is to the camera) Jenna, Julia, Emma, Shannon, Penny and Norah. That grey area right behind my head would be 89 steps. And yes, we got to climb them!!!

I find this picture interesting. A juxtaposition of old China and new. Part of the Teng Wang Pavilion in the foreground and the August 1st Bridge in the background.

Part of the outside of the Pavilion. Notice the lion in front. Lions are very powerful symbols and are excellent for feng shui. It helps to keep evil away.

I have no idea what the significance of this bell is. It was so hot outside we really didn't have time to stop and ask questions. Notice the Chinese policeman in the front. Its so hot that one of them even has an umbrella!

Here we have climbed our 89 steps and taken an elevator to the top of the pavilion, that is after we paid our 1 yuan per person to ride the unairconditioned box. Notice all the detail.

This is a close up. I wish I had more pictures but I was busy trying to make sure my monkeys didn't fall over the balcony.

Julia and Jenna with the Gan river and New Nanchang behind them. It was a VERY hazy day!

This is looking the opposite direction into old Nanchang. To the right is a river that runs through Nanchang and empties into the Gan river right next to the pavilion.

I am standing in one spot taking this picture and the next one. They are pictures of new Nanchang.

What's so amazing is that 6 years ago none of this across the river was there. Six years ago it was all rice paddies. Incredible. Apparently some local officials made it big time in the central government so funds started rolling in to help with the development.

We did go inside the pavilion. At 11:00 there was a musical show. A sign said they took Chinese classical music requests. Alas, I didn't know any to request. I guess no one else did either because I didn't see anyone requesting anything.

First this woman sang a solo. It was very beautiful.

Then these girls came out and danced. Then the first girl came out in a different costume and sang again.

Lastly there was a Chinese orchestra that played a couple of songs.

This was one of the dancing girls who was now playing these bells. Interestingly enough, we had seen this bells in Wuhan when we adopted Jenna, although there were many, many more there. We even have a dvd we purchased.

I have to say that Mom and Julia aren't carrying around 21 pound Emma like I am so they get tired at times. As the week had gone on at times I resort to this or some variation:

Sometimes they both face me, sometimes one faces out. Either way they are both happy-- they have Momma.

But progress HAS been made!

Ryan will now let Julia hold him at times! Yeah!

After the pavilion we went to restaurant nearby, The East Restaurant. I really pushed the liquids on my kids in the heat so towards the end of the meal Jenna needed to use the facilities.

Meet Squatty #2! Ryan also decided he needed to use it too.

When we got back to the hotel we were all so hot that we went swimming. Ryan got in and while he wasn't a fish, he seemed to enjoy being in the pool with me holding him. Then it was back to our room for the rest of the night.

Ryan seems happiest in our room now. He often shuts down when we get on the bus and go somewhere but the second he enters our room he starts babbling and laughing. He's gotten so comfortable that he has found a new seat. Remember the picture in the stroller at the park and how unhappy he was?

He loves to sit in the stroller and even ride in the stroller. Often when he climbs in he wants Jenna to sit next to him. He's found another purpose for the stroller too:

He can use it to climb up to the window ledge. There's quite a bit to see from the 9th floor. He especially likes to see bikes. Good thing for him there's plenty of them.


Kristin said...

You go mom! How you hold Ryan and Emma at once is beyond me. I could never do it!!

Love the picture of Julia and Ryan. Very sweet. :-)

And Ryan peeking out the window at the bikes is adorable.

Safe travels to Guangzhou. We are heading out of town tomorrow but I will try and keep up with you!!

Team Houston said...

Great photos!!! You are capturing every thing I remember.

Take care, Michele