Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm so trendy-- who knew???

According to Mike Seate, a columnist at the Pittsburgh Tribune, I'm trendy.

Who knew? What makes me so trendy you ask? ('Cause this is definitely news to my kids!)

Yes, that would be my newest "accessory" Emma. Mr. Seate (although I'm not so sure he desires the designation "Mr.") says that adopting internationally, especially an Asian child, is making a fashion statement and equates the child to a fashion accessory:

"Call me cynical, but since when did Asian children become “must have” fashion accessories for upper middle-class Americans?

Along with Calloway golf clubs and season tickets to football games, paying $30,000 to $40,000 to adopt an exotic baby is suddenly viewed as the most chic purchase this side of a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps."

First of all, Mr. Seate got his facts wrong. Most international adoptions cost far less than $30,000-$40,000. But the accusation is totally preposterous. Who in their right mind would spend hours, and hours and hours preparing paperwork to adopt a child when they could simply walk into a pet store and buy a small toy dog to stick in their purse? The amount of hours and money I have spent on this latest adoption of Ryan alone I could have traveled to New York city, stayed in the Plaza and bought several pairs of Milano Blahnik pumps. All 3 of my adoptions put together I could have a nice Lexus! Obviously my priorities are in a different place.

What Mr. Seate fails to realize, maybe because his intellect is incapable of grasping the facts, is that a family adopting their "exotic baby" is scrutinized by a social worker, an adoption agency and the United States government USCIS-- the new name for Homeland Security. Its far easier to adopt that small dog than to adopt an exotic baby. Oh, which reminds me-- the family is also scrutinized by the country the family is adopting from. Too bad that some fools having babies the good old fashioned way aren't subject to such scrutiny.

But I'm not just trendy, I must be a trend setter. We all know that trends have to start somewhere and if its trendy now then someone had to start the trend.

Wow! TWO Asian fashion accessories! I'm really trendy! Obviously when we started our "paper chase" to adopt our precious baby girl Jenna the only thing we had on our minds were starting a trend. Now I'm so greedy I'm going for THREE! But where and how will I wear my newest one?

But even before I had any of these three accessories, because it's not like I actually wanted to have a child to add to my family, I was trendy before even Paris Hilton or Brittney Spears were setting their newest trend:

Who says you can't have it all?


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm trendy Too!
We have two bio daughters 13yr and 11yrs and two Asian cuties a daughter 4yrs and our son 2yrs with cp/cl came home this March. We don't have the pooch for my purse but will a oversized lab pulled around in a suitcase do?(LOL)
Trendy in Colorado Springs
(except for the pooch!)

Beth said...

Love your "accessories" - they're so stylish! Seriously, what a moron he is. Why is it that only parents who wish to adopt are scrutinized because of their choice of location, child's age, etc.? When was the last time you heard someone criticizing a pregnant woman for having a baby when there are so many (Black, Latino, disabled, "American" etc.) children already in need of homes? When I was pregnant with our son, nobody ever questioned why we would do such a selfish thing just to perpetuate our gene pool and get lots of nice gifts. Believe me, we considered adopting thru the foster care system - only problem is that we already have a 3-year-old, and because it takes FOREVER to terminate parental rights in this country the only children under 3 who are available have serious medical problems - the kind that require round-the-clock care for the remainder of the child's life. I'd like to know how many children that writer has adopted from the foster care system in the U.S. Or whether he's ever struggled to conceive a child "naturally" and has any clue what that kind of pain feels like. What a jerk.

Teresa =) said...

Denise -

Oh, girl, you and I could be FRIENDS!! You crack me up!! Obviously this guy is an utter moron who doesn't deserve a second thought...but I truly enjoyed your witty response! I'll be watching your journey to your newest "accessory" with excitement...

Teresa =)
Mommy to Meggie (homegrown) and Carson ("accessory"), paperchasing for "accessory #2"

Sherri said...

LOVE IT! And no, he doesn't deserve space on your blog, but very well said!

christine said...

Hi Denise,
Love your blog!!! We share the same LOA date. When is your agency saying you should expect TA? This is our first adoption but 6th child. Maybe we will be in GA at the same time?
I look forward to reading about your trip.
Christine Fahy

NeuroMama said...

Too funny! Love the last photo. You truly are a trend setter!

Best Wishes for Safe Travel,
Another trendy mom (waiting for #3 too)

C&A said...

I love it! thanks for letting it out!