Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A House Full of Boxes (Part 2)

I'm back. Finally.

The moving van took away my furniture from my old house last Wednesday and delivered it to my new house yesterday and I was surrounded by boxes again. But this is the picture I took earlier this evening:

I suppose if your house HAS to be full of boxes then empty boxes are better than full boxes. So basically the move is going pretty well. My house isn't put together yet, but its not looking so bad. We can actually move around.

Its so good that I'm allowing myself a chance to watch Lost on abc.com. My plans for last Thursday did not go according to plan. We did not get out of town by my planned 1-2 p.m. Instead we left around 3:45 and left a pile of trash in the driveway to have hauled away since we just ran out of time to run it to the dumpster. The delay in our departure meant that we did not get to St. Louis in time but instead got checked into our hotel around 9:30 instead. Which meant I was an hour and a half into a 2 hour show. I've lived in fear since last Thursday that someone would slip something but so far so good.

But this means that this post must be short and sweet so I can hopefully watch both parts of the two hours before I pass out from exhaustion.


Kristin said...

So glad to hear you are in your new home and getting settled! I've been thinking about you. :-)

Anonymous said...

good to hear that you are getting settled in! Enjoy the new home :)
Mommy to Emily and Kaitlyn G&R 7/2007 ADOPPT