Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Lost" in a Dilemma

A couple of weeks ago I confessed that I was a total Lostie. If you watch ABC at all then you know that this Thursday is the 2 hour season finale with a repeat of the last episode the hour before-- hopefully the enhanced version-- since it is, interestingly enough, it is actually Part 1 of 3 for the Season Finale.

And if you read my blog at all, then you know I hads movers coming Wednesday to pack up my house. We're spending the night afterward sleeping on air mattresses and I was going to stay a day or two to wrap up loose ends. Last week it occurred to me that I had scheduled to have my cable tv turned off this Thursay. It also rather startlingly occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to watch Lost at my house!

Now, I realize in the scheme of things this seems rather stupid, but it was really a dilemma. Lost won't be back on until NEXT JANUARY. That's a really long time to go without Lost. And while I do realize that I could watch it on on Friday, I don't want to wait. What if something slipped out somewhere and I heard what happened before who knows when I would watch it?

So then the question is what to do? I could drive all the way to Kansas City and stay with my brother and his family, getting there right about the time Lost started so I would be rushing in the door and down to their basement for 2 hours leaving my children to do who knows what while I was glued to the television. It didn't seem very polite. What I ultimately decided was to drive to St. Louis and spend the night in a hotel with a suite so I could watch Lost in one room and the kids could watch something else in the other room. (Julia is afraid of Lost and making her stay in the bathroom for 2 hours didn't seem like a very good option either. Although it might be a nice payback for all the times she ran off leaving Emma with me this past weekend while she was supposed to be watching her so I could get some work done...)

It was decided to stay in a hotel but then I realized I would have the dog with me! (Does it never end??? Can't ANYTHING be easy???) So a not so quick internet search produced The Drury Inn, which does accept pets and I found one Drury Inn that still had a suite in the St. Louis area.

Now if this plan will just work.


Editors note: This post was written several days earlier.


Margaret Miracle said...

Too funny!!! the things we will do to not miss an episode of a favorite show. I wonder how much extra I could pay the dog sitters to be sure that my shows are Tivoed while I am in China. I am sure I will have so much time to watch them when I get home:)

Kristin said...

I hope everything has gone smoothly this week! I am looking foward to you being back online---maybe not completely sane yet (who could be after moving??!!) but that's okay! Been thinking about you all---x