Monday, May 26, 2008

A House Full of Boxes (Part 1)

The movers show up on Wednesday and my goal was to be almost completely packed by Monday night. That way I had Tuesday to do any last minute things that popped up. Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, I really didn't think I was going to make that goal. For some reason packing up the house was very low on my children's priority list. Go figure...

I had a few moments of lack of self control as I quite loudly pronounced my dismay over doing the majority of the work. In other words there were a couple of times I screamed like a crazy woman "I can't believe I'm doing all of this by myself while you all live in your own little world!!!" Or something to that effect. Much to my disappointment it usually went in one ear, got a slight reaction, and then out the other ear and was totally forgotten. See my kids are far from perfect!

So this morning I told Julia that she WAS watching the baby while I packed and that meant that if I walked in the room to get or do something that did NOT give her permission to take off to another part of the house, leaving Emma behind with me. (Like she did yesterday, multiple times.) I also woke Ross up at 11:05 (teenager) and told him that he was MINE today and not to even THINK about leaving the house or doing something with his friends until he was released-- so don't even ask! And low and behold, we got a lot done!

This is what my house looks like right now:

Just about everything in our house that will fit in a box is currently in one! Yeah! And I met my goal! Double yeah!!!

I just knew I didn't want repeat of my last move out where I didn't have everything completely packed yet, nor cleaned and the kids were at school and it was literally about 95 degrees outside.

But you know, I've decided that I'm just too old for this so I don't think I'll be moving again for a VERY long time.

But my kids keep reminding me that's what I said last time -- less than a year ago!


Kristin said...

Oh, I don't envy you. Moving is not much fun! Well, it is once you get to where you are going but the initial packing up is horrible. Glad to see you made some progres with the kids help (ha!). Got to love a mom who is determined to get her way! I doubt you'll be online much so best of luck in the move. Looking forward to hearing from you once you are settled!

Margaret Miracle said...

Bless you!!!! We seem to move every 5 years. We keep saying it will be our last. We know we will move once more....hopefully the last!!! I'll be thinking of you!