Thursday, May 1, 2008

My baby is a big girl

Jenna, my 5 year old has hair that grows. Julia was my first girl and I was dying for her hair to grow so that I could do something with it. I had always dreamed of pigtails and ribbons and braids. Pretty little girl hair-- and don't forget long! But that wasn't Julia's hair. It was thin and curly and grew SOOOOO slowly. Julia didn't have her first hair cut until she was 5 and she didn't even need one then. That's how slow her hair grows.

But Jenna, her hair grows like a weed. She said she wanted to grow her hair to her booty and it got pretty long but the ends were even and last year we decided to cut it shorter. It went from mid back length to a few inches past her shoulders. Then this fall we cut it TO her shoulders. She wanted it shorter but I just couldn't do it. I finally had my girl who had hair I could play with.

So a couple of days ago I came across a blog that had some photos of two cute little Asian girls and I just loved the hair cut of one of them. I showed it to Julia and Jenna and they both loved it. Today I took Jenna to get it.

Jenna loves hair cuts. Of course, part of the draw is where we go-- Sweet and Sassy. You know, where her birthday party was. When they are done with the haircut they get glitter all over their hair, glitter stars on their cheeks and a sucker. Could life get any better??? Jenna was even more thrilled to find out that now that she is 5 she is officially a big girl at S&S and she got her hair shampooed and conditioned first. And then the cut. No, cut doesn't cut it. LOL She got it styled. I literally almost cried when I saw her in the chair with her haircut (Or maybe it was the baby pinching my fat rolls with her toes as she tried to climb me that brought tears to my eyes. Nah, it was the cut.) My baby was gone and there in her place was a big girl. She literally looked like a different little girl.

Jenna with her hair at her birthday party at the end of February.

And Jenna this afternoon after her hair appointment. She was quite pleased with herself!

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Kristin said...

She looks beautiful! Such a big girl now-----hard to imagine our little ones starting kindergarten!