Thursday, May 15, 2008

Confessions of a Lostie

Hi, I'm Denise and I'm a Lostie.

I'm not just being trendy either. I've been hooked on Lost since its premiere. I confess though, they kind of lost me part of the second season when they were totally hooked on The Others. And then of course, during part of the second season my life totally crashed. (I have Season Two on DVD and have viewed the entire season.) But Season Three, I was back. The season finale of Season Three, I was wishing I had DVR or Tivo. My boys thought I had lost my mind when they heard me shouting at the TV and pounding on my bed screaming "NO! Charlie can't be dead!"

Season Four, I'm totally hooked. Sometimes I will watch an episode twice. My kids know that when Lost is on they are not allowed to even speak to me! (Unless they're bleeding and then they have to wait until a commercial. Kidding... or am I?)

Anyone into Lost will tell you this has been a fantastic season. The problem is I really don't know many people who are fellow Losties. Friday I'm stuck scouring the internet for blogs and chats about Lost, trying to find pieces I have missed, connections I didn't catch, theories I hadn't thought of. I even found a blog last season at Powell Books by an author, J. Wood, who is just a little too smart for his britches. He ties literature to parts of the plot, characters and dialogue. If the creators of Lost have even thought of half the things that J. Wood has thought of then they are utter geniuses. When I first started reading his blog I felt really stupid and then really smart. The stupid part came from never even knowing about the literature he was tying things too, let alone reading it; the smart part was the fact that I was reading his blog and being "intellectual."

(OK, I've got Mommy Brain and I need my intellect where I can get it. Back in the day I could answer Jeopardy questions and do cross word puzzles. Now my biggest challenge is deciding between Huggies or Pampers.)

So tonight's episode for anyone who reads this and shares my interest-- please tell me your thoughts! I sometimes feel like I'm lost on Lost Island.

Tonight we found out for sure who the Oceanic Six really are. The question is if they are on 5 different areas, both on the island and off, then how do they all get together to be The Oceanic Six? And why can't they tell what really happened? What happened to everyone else? Is Jin really dead? Does Desmond ever find Penelope or the visa versa?

Last week's episode-- what in the world happened to Claire?????? She looked totally drugged out in the cabin! And what is she doing there? Is she really dead? Will we ever see her again?

And what's with all the dead people running around talking to The Oceanic Six after they get back? Are they really dead? At the beginning of this season Charlie told Hurley that he really was dead. Is it the time warp?

So many questions, so few answers. I can't wait for this season's finale in 2 weeks but then we have to wait until next winter for Season Five!!! How will I survive?

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mom2many said...

I love Lost. I had never watched it until last summer.... yes last summer. We decided no cable, so I started streaming TV from the internet, after the kids were in bed. And I found LOST on ABC's website. I watched all the seasons... one show after another. Now I am addicted too. Was Hurley right? ARe they all DEAD. Is the oceanic six really dead and the other cast members alive, on the island.... And we know there is another survivor...
Ben. And he is off the island. How does he get back separately from the others? I have to re-watched this weeks. I just didn't get it with 8 kids screaming around me. I almost got out the duct tape. I just wasn't sure a new episode of LOST being on would stand up in court as a reason for gagging children. I need to go back and watch some others too.... Denise they are all, every single one, on ABC's website. Go enjoy them to your heart's content!!!