Saturday, May 17, 2008

Graduation day!

{Editor's note: The Mother Board has landed, er, been replaced by the Geek Squad so welcome back to photos!}

We had a graduation in our family yesterday.

Introducing the future high school graduate of 2021 and the present Pre-K graduate of 2008:

Jenna Meilin, proud graduate.

Jenna receiving her diploma from her teachers Rachel and Heidi. When their name was announced the director of the school also said what the child wanted to be when he or she grew up. Jenna wants to be an ice skater. Perhaps I should get her some ice skate lessons since she's never ice skated in her life.

Jenna's class and her teachers. The girl to Jenna's right said she wants to be "a China girl" when she grows up. She loves Jenna and her daddy makes business trips to China and brings her back Chinese dresses.

The girl at the very far left of the photo wants to be a "house cleaner girl." I really need Jenna to be influenced by her!

The second little girl to the left of Jenna apparently prays every night for Jenna to get a new daddy. Her mother confessed this to me at their end of the year party on Wednesday. She can't fathom not having a daddy and feels badly for Jenna so she and her sister have prayed for the last 6 months for Jenna to get a new daddy. Her mother told me if someone appears on the scene I now know who to blame. She even had someone in mind! Oh dear! I told her it would have to take someone really special to accept a woman with 6 kids!

And what's the best way to end a graduation?

Let them have cake!


Margaret Miracle said...

Beautiful Post!!! Lily will graduate next year!!! They grow up so FAST!!!

Kristin said...

Oh how sweet!! I can't fathom our girls in the class of 2021. Wow, to do the math on my age would be scary. Let's just enjoy kindergarten!!!