Friday, May 23, 2008

A house full of divas

Julia's birthday is in June. In our family you don't just have a birth day, you usually have a birth week.

You mothers know how it is. You have the actual day of the birth celebration, often just immediate family. Then there' s the cupcakes/cookies/snack sent to school for their birthday. There's the friend party. Etc, etc. These usually occur through out a week's time. Birthday week.

But Julia's special this year because she's not just having a birthday week. She's getting a birthday quarter.

Her birthday is in June but her friends gave her a surprise party for her birthday in April because we are moving and would be gone for her birthday. (Interesting note: We got Ryan's referral the afternoon of Julia's surprise party making a crazy situation even crazier.) Even though she had the surprise party Julia wanted a party for just her 4 closest friends and she wanted a sleep over and pedicures. In June we will have a large family celebration/cook out.

April, May, June= 2nd Quarter. Birthday Quarter.

A sleepover birthday party was the very last thing I wanted less than one week before we move but I just couldn't tell her no. I wanted her to have one last fun thing with her friends.

The girls showed up and we soon left for their nail salon pedicures.

The finished products. As a bonus they each got a design on their big toes.

We weren't home long before Julia hit the presents. Julia with Jenna and her friends. Starting with Jenna and going clockwise: Jenna, Julia, Anna, Chloe,Leah and Emmy.

Next it was time for Glamour Shots. Sound a little Retro? A couple of days ago as I was sorting through things to pack I came across the proofs to some Glamour Shots that I had taken back in the mid 90's. The best compliment I've received in some time was from Julia's friend Anna who saw my proofs and said "Julia, I didn't know your mom was a fashion model." And she was serious. And I didn't pay her.

This inspired Julia and Anna and Glamour Shots was incorporated into the party. I was the photographer. There were themes. Hollywood, Summer and Free Choice. Here are some of the "proofs":

All the glamourous beauties. These photos are just one each of the girls. They were throughly enjoying themselves. Notice the white sunglasses were a popular prop.

Jenna had to join in the fun. And then and unexpected visitor showed up in the "studio" (Julia's room.)

Ross. A rare photo for many reasons, one of which is the goofy smile.

After that I was feeling a little left out, especially since I inspired the whole Glamour Shot craze. I was going to try to go for the Angelina Jolie look since I was just asked the other day if I was trying to be like her by adopting AGAIN. But I don't have enough money, or Brad Pitt so I figured that wasn't an option. This will have to do:

Nothing else needs to be said.

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Margaret Miracle said...

I love Diva night!!!! Sounds like so much fun and looks like even more fun!!!