Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Hole in the Head (Or in this case two)

Julia has wanted her ears pierced for several years but Darrell had always wanted her to wait until she was older. Julia's friend Anna also didn't have her ears pierced and the girls had mentioned from time to time about getting them pierced together.

This weekend Anna's mom Beth and I talked and decided we would let the girls get their ears pierced yesterday. They are both getting ready to start middle school and it was one last big thing they could do together before we leave.

While Julia was excited about the piercing she was also VERY nervous. Julia doesn't do pain, of course most (normal) people don't, but Julia really doesn't do pain. Of any kind. So purposely inflicting pain upon herself was very much out of her character. Did I mention that Julia doesn't do pain? I just can't stress this enough!

Yesterday morning we all met at Claire's at the mall for the big event.

The girls with their "pre" pierced ears.

Jenna and Emma excited to watch holes bored into their sister's ears!

Anna's very concerned older brother Adam. (Note the sarcasm)

Anna went first because she is the braver of the two. Julia is the extrovert and Anna is the adventurous one. Notice that they are wearing matching shirts.

Marking the dots.

The first ear pierced.

And it's done!

Julia's turn

Julia was so nervous that she was shaking so Anna held her hand to offer support.

Getting her ears cleaned. You can see that she's starting to rethink this. I had told her the day before to notice all the people in the world with piercings, many with more than one. If it hurt that bad they wouldn't be doing it.

The first hole

The first ear done and it wasn't so bad! They only pierced one ear at a time (as you noticed) so I was slightly concerned that she would get one pierced and refuse to pierce the other!

Two very happy girls!

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Margaret Miracle said...

I loved this post. It brought back memories of when I got my ears pierced. What a special moment to have with her friend.