Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pseudo Sunday Soundout

It's time once again, for me to think of imaginary questions and then answer them. But wait! I actually have some REAL questions this week! I'll let you figure out which ones are the real ones and which ones aren't.

I loved your post about the dentist. I can't believe that you posted it! as stated by my neighbor Kristin Friday night as we sat in our neighbor Sheila's driveway.

Technically Kristin, that isn't a question, but it does bring up a point I will address. Kristin was referring to my post Soon To Be Royalty. While at the dentist I was afflicted with a small amount of gastrointestinal distress. I totally admit to hesitating about publishing that post. It sort of steps on the toes of good taste. But in the end I decided to do it because for one thing, I really didn't think I overstepped the bounds of TMI and second, who hasn't faced the same situation? Maybe yours wasn't at the dentist, but it was somewhere public and in a situation difficult to excuse yourself.

So what do you do in that situation? asked by Kristin
Thankfully, I never had to find out. If someone else finds out, be sure to let me know.

Aren't you worried that you'll scare people off posting weird stuff like that?
Apparently I already have. I've lost a few followers this week. Maybe it's the dentist post. Maybe it's because I let time elapse between posts, again. Bottom line is I could play it safe and be boring or I can push the envelope (well mine anyway) and have fun. You have no idea how many times I've written something and my finger has hovered over the publish key. I look back now on some of those posts (The Dishwasher Repairman Cometh, or Not, The Seventh Food Group, Tidy Tuesday just to name a few) and I laugh because now they seem tame, but at the time I hesitated. Did I go too far?I asked myself as the post went into cyber space. In the end, I've decided to just be me. I'm not everyone's cup of tea and that's okay. A few years ago I would have been devastated by it, but then I turned 40 and I didn't care (as much) anymore. Truth be told, I've thought about getting rid of that Followers button. Someday you just might see it gone. I don't want it to keep me from doin' my thang.

Mom, stop talking like that!
That could have been said by 4 of my 6 children. It's anybody's guess which one.

That is soooo Cool!!!!! Can I send Lily Wen and Graeme for training at your house? They need to learn a skill too! A comment from Margaret M. in regards to my post The Swank Family Economic Recovery Plan

Margaret, but of course! You know, one can never have too many life skills and baristaing isn't Emma's one and only skill.

She's begun her apprenticeship in pie making.

Now lest you think Emma is the only one working here, Ryan will soon be starting his own lawn service.

He's been getting a lot of practice in with his bubble lawn mower. Look for an annoying flyer in your doorway soon.

Speaking of that sweet little Ryan, is he so sweet all the time?
Uh, no. If the lawn mowing job doesn't pan out for Ryan he has a back up career as a Pro Wrestler. Lately I'll hear Emma's call of distress and upon investigation, I find that Ryan has pinned her to the floor by laying on top of her. Then tonight as I was putting laundry away in the little one's room (blogger say what? Did she say "putting laundry away?"), Emma was screaming and I found Ryan sitting on her head in the rocking chair. Words you never expect to say to your child: "Ryan don't sit on your sister's head." But that being said, his sweetness far surpasses his orneriness. Nobody can be sweet all the time, not even me. ;>)

How's your eHarmony experience going?
Ugh. I've only been on one date, partly because I only answer guys questions every 5 days or so, which tends to slow things down a bit. I've thought about stopping, but I'll give it another month, maybe. That new guy from Kansas who's main interest is hunting and fishing, looks like he's a grungy cowboy, and has been unemployed for awhile just keeps pulling me back in. If only he would ask me out. *** sigh****

Anything exciting coming up?
Nope, dull as dirt here. Except that Trace's girlfriend Cody and her little boy Gauge will be moving up here next weekend. We're all very excited to meet them both! No Food Network conference calls, although Julia and I are lovin' watching Food Network Challenge Last Cake Standing, no featured blogger, no free tickets to anything. However, my 300 post is looming ahead of me and I'm trying to figure out what to do for a giveaway. You all haven't been clicking on ads because my revenue's are stinky! Remember, the money I make from those ads is the money that purchases giveaway items! Stinky revenues mean small giveaways.


Christina said...

Oh, Emma!!! I just love sitting on my counter and making pies, too! It's the only way to bake.

Angel said...

I had to rush and reread the dentist post,and yes now I remember, I was going to stop following you that week but gave you another chance then you got tinto the dirty business of making pies..I don't know...:) I am sorry things have been dull there but your posts have not been. That guy from Kansas, I'll trade you one from Charleston, who THOUGHT he was a cowboy, but had not had a job in two years becasue he was looking for just the right one and would I mind paying for dinner when we go out. buzzer ring: NOT. Back to Match,com

Lindsey's mom said...

ALASKA is where you need to be to find your man LOL! I know lots of truck drivers..having been married to one for nearly 14 years. You get to keep so many things the way YOU want when your spouse works out of a truck LOL! I will continue to be a LOYAL follower. :)
PS. My I800A is heading out in the mail so I am told by my agency..We have been CLEARED by the state of Georgia FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy Howard said...

I want some of Emma's foot pie!

I am in complete agreement - you have to 'be who you be'. The more followers I get the more I worry about being offensive and the bottom line is, of course, that I shouldn't. I certainly don't SET OUT to offend anyone, and I feel horribly bad when I do, but I also don't want to censor. At least not too much.

You make a good point - maybe the follower button does more harm than good...

The Gotch 5 said...

Don't stop being you then it wouldn't be so much fun to read. Your stories make me think my life is normal!!! We have all ssssooooo been in that dentist chair and what the heck do you do??!! OH and I will start clicking on those adds hehehe!! Have a wonderful week!

Sandy Toes said...

That is the kind of lawn mower I like to use too!

Unemployed cowboy....stay away!
sandy toe

Bren said...

OK - I just signed up as a follower! Love your blog! Sometimes you have to tell it like it is you know? We've all been in "uncomfortable" situations like you described! It just happens. Love the pie making by the way!

Teresa =) said...

Oh, Denise, you've lost followers, huh?! Well, you still have about 200 more followers than I do!!!!

BTW, when I was newly pregnant with Meggie, I was out Christmas shopping with my sister and got a furious case of morning sickness. I actually sat at a table in the food court wondering if my head would fit inside the tilted lid of the garbage can so I could hurl in it. See?! You're not the only one!

Keep blogging, sista! You CRACK ME UP!!

Teresa =)

Denise said...

You just continue to be you my friend...I love you just the way you are! Some weeks coming here gives me a laugh when I have nothing to laugh about!


Brandy said...

So I'm about to admit this...Emma was in my dream last night. LOL! I guess I read your post and then went to bed not long after, and there she was. Cute as ever.

But she did not make me a coffee or a pie and now I'm a little pissed about that.

Jill said...

At this moment in my life... DULL AS DIRT sounds GOOD to me Denise!!!!

Heather Thompson said...

I ALWAYS enjoy visiting your blog and will with or without a Follower button (it just makes it easy to keep track of everyone else!)
P.S.- Can you send Ryan to my house when he's done mowing your place? I'll pay pretty good and will give lots of cookie breaks! My sons are without a mower but I think I see a trip to Target in my future...

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Love the Pseudo Sunday Shoutouts!

Good for you being true to yourself! Followers be damned...well, except for me, of course! Don't do anything to offend me please. (Like I'm so easy to offend!)

Does Emma take pie orders yet?

Kristin said...

Heck, I've lost followers too this week....but you many more than I!! I figure it's due to posts being far and few between. But, Facebook tends to take over....whoops!!

Got to say, I love Ryan sitting on Emma's head. She is in for a rude awakening when he is truly ready to fight back!

Anita said...

I have to admit this, I've not only lost followers, but I've stopped following too...........other dear woman, never you!!!
I have found that I must limit my time online, gasp, and that includes how many blogs I try to read and comment regularly. It's just insane to think that is my life, because it's a good addition, but my life is much more, as is yours dear friend.
Have a great day!

Kay Bratt said...

Do you know how many women suffer from IBS in this country? I guarantee that most of your followers have had episodes like yours in the dentist chair. I have had a few a LOT worse than that and unfortunately my hubby knows those stories and keeps me loyally chained to him by threatening to publish all the stinkin' details.. Ha ha...good play on words..I am so clever...