Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pseudo Sunday Sound Out

It's Sunday so I'm going to take this opportunity to Sound Out, because I've always wanted to do that and there's no time like the present!

you say. But no one asked you any questions!

Well, true enough, but I can read minds sometimes so I'm sure that the questions that follow will have you saying to yourself "I wish I had asked that question!" You did! I read your mind. In the future. I guess that makes me a time traveler too. Cool. Oh, and if you indulge me in this, I'll try my very best to not use the words Seriously and Okay.*

* The key phrase is "try my best." I cannot be held responsible if one accidentally slips out OR if the use of the word(s) is totally appropriate to sentence or situation it is used in.

Let's get started!

Do you really think you can go an entirely post without using the words Seriously or Okay?
I said I'd try, all right? (Ha! Thought I'd say it, huh?)

So what's the deal? You go to a party with the UnReal Housewives of Kansas City, make an interview video and then disappear for days. Are you too good for your blog and your readers now?
Actually, yes. After my interview video aired Jennifer (who plays Marci and is a co creator of the series) saw it and read the post about the party and left me the following comment.

jennifer plas said...
Love the pix! You were FABULOUS!! You are an honorary UNREAL housewife for life!! :)

Did you read that? I'm an honorary UNREAL housewife for life! After I read that, well my whole life changed. I laid around the house in a cocktail dress (and of course my pearls) with a martini glass in my hand waiting for the girls to show up or invite me over. That meant I was too busy to bother with my blog or even my kids for that matter. I was waiting for the nanny to show up. But she never did and DFS suggested that I actually start taking care of my kids again, at least until the nanny does show. I guess they had a point. The babies were starting to stink.

No, here's the real story. After I finally got that video uploaded and edited and posted on YouTube and my blog, I was so happy with the results and so excited that I literally birthed the concept around noon on the day of the party and that it all came together so beautifully that once it was all done, it was kind of a let down. You know that feeling? It was like any idea for a blog post seemed so lame in comparison. How could I live up? It didn't help that I started coming down with a cold and on Thursday night when I had an incredibly lame blog post idea, I fell asleep on the sofa around 9:30 watching Ace of Cakes (sorry Duff, no offense.) That in itself was a calendar marking event, the falling asleep part not the watching Ace of Cakes part. Finally I told myself that I had to write something, lame or no. Nobody's on 100% of the time.

Where's all the food? There's no food in this house!
Ross, how'd you get on here? Yes, it's true that those words were uttered on Saturday afternoon (along with some foot stomping and a door semi-slam) while we were scrounging to find something to make for lunch. You have to understand that about a month ago I had a very full pantry and upright freezer in my garage yet it seemed like I wasn't using anything stored and trying to cram new food items in. That was crazy so I vowed to live off the shelves and buy as little as possible and see what we actually had. We've been doing that but we don't have a lot of food left. I'm getting frustrated with it too. I guess I'm going to the store soon.

Was that you in your mini van with your kids dancing and singing "Low" while stopped at a red light in front of Home Depot on Saturday?
Absolutely not! It was Pink's "So What- I'm Still a Rock Star." "Low"didn't come on until we were in front of CVS pharmacy.

I heard that you made your first eBay sale ever! Is it true?
Why yes it is! I sold a pair of Julia's old athletic shoes that were only worn to PE once a week for an hour. They were a pair of 7 1/2 Nike's and they sold for $15.50. Now my bedroom looks like a bomb went off in a closet. I have the kids clothes everywhere as I'm sorting through them trying to separate sizes and whether they are sellable or not. I'm destined to be a Multi Millionaire eBay Queen.

What's going on with the Blogging Friend Get Together? Is it still on?
Yes, it's still very much on! I need to make a decision about hotels this week so we can firm up plans. I promise to have hard, concrete plans by next weekend. In the meantime, mark your calendars for the weekend of June 27-28.

Is Blogging Friend Get Together like the lamest name ever?
Yeah, no question about about it. Think of something better for me!

Did you really bawl watching a Chinese movie on Saturday morning?
Someone's been reading my Facebook and Tweets. Yes, I went to a function on Saturday morning that was for a Chinese school that Jenna's friend attends. The kids watched Toy Story while the grown ups watched Warm Spring, a Chinese movie in Mandarain with subtitles. It was a beautiful movie and I confess I cried. A lot. No sobbing but enough crying to 1)embarrass myself and 2) make my eyes have that yucky feeling that you get after crying a lot. What can I say? I'm a cryer.

Did you actually shed a tear at The Hannah Montana Movie on Saturday afternoon?
No comment.


Amy B said...

Wow you do read minds..I wondered about most of those

I love your blog..

Sandy Toes said...

A blogging friend get fun is that!
sandy toe

Tammy Howard said...

Another fun post! Now I want to interview MYself!

Anita said...

Denise, you crack me up! With spring breaks and vacation my blogging is all messed up too........back to the real world soon though.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Yea! I'm so glad you are back and this post did not disappoint...but then again I never think any of yours do...

I think you did pretty well on the seriously's and okay's...

As for the get together, all I came up with There's Always Room for One More Blogging Friend. It's a bit wordy though?

And I fell asleep at 8:30 last night (before Jack and Logan!) but that is what spending a half day with the in-laws will do to me!

Jill said...

Denise...crying at HANNAH MONTANA?? I am "easy cry" too AND on my way to take Madeleine to see HM. OH Brother...I hope I don't cry!!!

Brandy said...

Are you hormonal again? Cause I am. This 21 day crap sucks! Seriously I mean it.

Okay, I need DETAILS about the Bloggy weekend. Seriously.

I've missed your posts! Seriously missed them. Don't go MIA again, okay?

And seriously get your kids some food. Okay, techinically Ross is not a "kid" and should be able to fend for himself, but seriously food is essential. Okay?

Angel said...

SEriously, you never dissappoint and I was more worried about you. I thought What is she going to do when all this stuff oges away and life alms down? Then I thought, 6 kids? calm? Emily? Bottle? no problem

Cody said...

When I arrive, you WILL become an UNREAL housewife and have plenty of opportunity to lounge in your pearls and evening gowns and write dramatic blog posts about your 'private nanny', and her 'forbidden romance' with your oldest son, E-bay embezzlement scandals and aliens stealing food. DUH-DUH-DUN! Oh, wait, that was an episode of Days Of Our Lives.... lol

Kristin said...

What will you think of next? Your imagination just amazes me. :-)

Love it!!