Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What the...? Wednesday

A few days ago, Julia stubbed her toe. Ever the drama queen (gee I wonder where she got that from?) she let everyone know the trauma she endured. The following is Ross' reenactment.

Uh, yeah. Chaos all day, every day. Never a dull moment and total Blog Job security.

If you want more What the...? Wednesday, check out Brandy's version. You might wait until later in the morning though. Spring Fling really wore her out!


Sandy Toes said... blog security...that is great!
sandy toe

Jill said...

OH! THAT is JUST what I needed to start the morning.
Ross is a trip!
DRAMA at YOUR house Denise? NO!!

Brandy said...

LMAO!! I love it...and that little furball in the middle of it is too cute.

~Still working on my post...WTF? is Right!

Lorie said...

That was funny.

The Royal Family said...


Holly said...

I just hopped over from Ni Hao Ya'll and read your Vietnam journey. I am in awe of God's provision.
I can't understand the pain of losing a husband, although with my husband being active duty and another deployment coming up, I do think about how I would survive if I had to with him gone. In the end, I just have to trust God completely, knowing His plans are good, even when they hurt.
Thank you for sharing your journey. You really SHOULD write a book. God will be glorified!
I didn't get to read about how you ended up with your son from China...but I'm sure you wrote about it somewhere!
Blessings to you as you continue to follow the Father,
Holly M.

Donnetta said...

I'm CRYING! That is hysterical!!!

Popped over from Brandy's blog!

Kelsey said...

I LOVE it! I think you should have him do more reenactments. Give him something off the news or whatever and tell him to go for it.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great video! I love that the dog comes to his Ross's rescue and Ryan looks bewildered in the background.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Here's another comment...just doing my part to get you back to the 181 you deserve. I think this is #10. (If you'd like, I can comment another 171 times!)

Brenda Jean said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA He's also imitating my daughter. I swear he was her!

I always tell my kids to "rub it". I stubbed my toe!!! they say, and I say every stinkin time "Just rub it, and it will feel better.". BAHAHAHA

Crystal said...

I love that he let you post that! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

FranticMommy said...

Thanks for the laugh! Your son is a hoot! Look out Brad Pitt! "And the Oscar goes to...ROSS!"
You kids are awesome.