Monday, March 2, 2009

Everything Has It's Place

This morning I felt a sudden need to organize my house. Let's be brutally honest here; we all know that more than a few areas in my house are out of control. So why suddenly now?

Perhaps its the hormones surging through my veins right now, upsetting the delicate and precarious balance of estrogen and progesterone. Or perhaps it's my need to control something since so much seems to be out of my control right now. (Why thank you Blogger Dashboard, my in house therapist, for helping me with this insight) Whatever the case, areas were getting tackled today.

The first lucky area to get my attention was my front entryway closet. A tiny closet for the coats and assorted paraphernalia of 7 people is bound to be cluttered. But yesterday when I got Emma's coat out of the closet, I had to kick the door closed. The coats, bags, and assorted miscellaneous items were stacked up over two feet tall on the closet floor and bursting out like a weevil hatching from its egg when the door opened. Any self respecting weevil knows it belongs in the dark but all my crap accessories needed reminding. Bad weevil, I mean stuff. Time to put you in your proper place.

Why look at that exceptionally clean closet! You can even see the floor! Hats, gloves and scarves are organized in the baskets on the shelf. I was feeling quite proud of myself although if I had strong OCD tendencies I would currently be seeking professional attention for using three mismatched baskets. The horror! In any case, as I backed up to take this picture I nearly fell on my booty because I tripped on this stuff:

Who put all of that stuff there??? Uh, that would be the items removed to make the beautiful closet look so great. Now where do I put all that?

Okay, you know my messy desk area in my kitchen? You know the one that gets piled with tons of papers?

Yeah, that one.

Well, looky, looky there!

The cabinet under the counter was overflowing with things too. Not any more!

Can the wonder never end? But where did it all go?

Why is it that to clean a mess, you have to make a bigger one? Throw in two very helpful toddlers and it exponentially grows. I was glad to have those areas clean but honestly, this mess was making me tired.

At this point, the floor is picked up, I have a couple of stacks on my kitchen counter and my organizing frenzy ground to a screeching halt. But I did make an important self discovery. I love to organize but I don't love dealing with the left over stuff. The answer is so simple, why didn't I think of it before? I merely I need someone to organize my organizing. That or I need to make more Crack Bars for energy. Personally, I'm betting on the Crack Bars.


JD said...

This is one of my favorite posts... thank you so much for helping me feel so normal.

((((((((( hugs & Crack Bars )))))))))

We're a lot alike, except that you accomplish way more, and have way more energy, LOL! LOVE the post, love the pics.

Sandy Toes said...

If you get me at a weak point...I will throw all that left over stuff away...I have been know to do it no matter what it is.
sandy toe

Jill said...

Crack Bars must be made to eat ALONG with the organizing frenzy!

I HATE, I do mean hate all those get them thrown out, filed, put away and THEN...the mail comes and the kids come home from school and that horrendous pile is BACK!

Anita said...

We are living parallel lives!!! My desk, awww, it's a nightmare, and I have the same problem when i clean it, where does the excess junk go!
I do have OCD issues and the first thing I saw was the diff baskets on the shelf, trust me it's a disease! I'm impressed that it looks soo good. I live in FL and my house didn't even come with an entry hall closet.......ugh, or one less place to clutter up. Perhaps you've inspired me to clean out something....LOL.

Kay Bratt said...

Okay....your pictures made me dizzy..which is what happens when I get stressed out. I need to come visit you. I will teach you how to plan your organizing fits--but you'd probably listen to five minutes of my blabber and expertise and then kick my skinny butt out your door.

Denise said...

Kay, or better yet, why don't you just come DO it for me???? I'll give you Crack Bars...

Kristin said...

LOL!! I felt like I was reading about my own life! I end up feeling like I just move my mess from one area to the other and it never actually goes away! It just travels around the house! I vote for the crack bars....they'll have you so delirious that you won't even notice the mess or care about it anymore!

Sarah said...

Denise - after Kay visits you, can she come to my house?

Actually, you may have 6 kids versus my 1...but I still think my house needs organizing more...can she come here first??


Love this post!

Crystal said...

Happens to me every time!

Kristy said...

Great job Denise!! I am am organizing FREAK, and I am so glad you have OCD too, it makes me feel a little normal!!!lol

Love, Kristy

Brandy said...

I would totally help you if I were closer. Except you would have to get matching would drive me NUTS that they weren't the same. Maybe a wee bit of OCD.

Then again, what the heck am I saying? I should organize my own house.

Send me some crack bars please.

And a maid.

Kristin said...

Okay, so this post kinda-sorta wants to make me want to clean up. Let's think about this really hard.

Uh, no. I think I'll wait for another day. Girl Scout cookies, here I come!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

You are a brave woman taking pics of your house! Whenever I take photos of the boys in my house I'm always trying to pick certain angles to obscure the mess.

All your talk of crack bars is making me hungry!

Brenda Jean said...

Yep, that's me, except my stuff gets thrown in a cardboard box, and I SAY that I'm going to sort it from that box. But sometimes the stuff stays in the box too long. Sigh. Your areas look really nice though. Want to come over and do mine? BAHAHAHAHAHA

RamblingMother said...

yeah well, I can make that mess here with just one adult and one four year old and it is mostly the fault of the one adult, Heh. Just remember they will be grown and gone too soon!