Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Attack of the Beans

Tonight was the first time our family of seven ate dinner together in several weeks. For some reason, our family dinners start out quite nicely and then it all goes to H*E double toothpicks in a matter of minutes. Tonight's dinner did not disappoint.

And the source of tonight's downfall?

Baked Beans. Go figure.

We had pulled pork sandwiches, waffle fries and baked beans for dinner. Julia, true to form, announced that she hated baked beans and didn't want any. Trace and Ross, true to form, pulled out the "when we were little we had to eat things we didn't like or we couldn't leave the table." Admittedly, I've become a softy over time, but Julia's limited palate has become ridiculous so I decided she must eat some of the nasty baked beans. And the wailing began.

Now you must understand that Julia is ever so the drama queen. Jenna didn't really want any beans either but when told she had to eat some, she did so with little complaint. Not Julia. Crying, begging, she pulled out all the guns. But so did the boys.

Trace decided that Julia needed to be fed the beans. As you can imagine-- and see, this didn't go over so well. (As you can also see, we solved the six chair situation by bringing in a dining room chair.)

The battle continued for some time. Julia eating about 3 beans at a time out of her approximately 20 beans. And there were long whining spells in between. But no worries.

The younger children were greatly amused. Emma's thinking, "That Julia is silly!"

Ryan's eating his second helping of beans thinking "I don't know what all the fuss is about but I love a dinner and a show! Especially when it's funny!"

Somewhere around the end of Julia's 3 bean torture session she was making gagging noises as she ate. This must have triggered some type of gag reflex in poor little Jenna who was sitting by her. The next thing we know, Jenna ran off into the bathroom. Julia ran after her thinking that Jenna was really spitting her beans in the toilet (and perhaps to add her own too) but called out the words every mother loves to hear.

"Jenna just threw up!"

That's one way to get out of eating your beans.

Jenna spent the rest of dinner on my lap while Julia ate the rest of her beans quietly. I think Julia was kicking herself for not thinking of it first.

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Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I'm so sorry to be chuckling at your misery but that was quite an amusing post! I'm guessing you won't be serving baked beans any time soon! :)

Sandy Toes said...

We have a lot of tears at our dinner table ALL THE TIME!!
sandy toe

The Gotch 5 said...

Ok boy did that bring back some awful pea memories for me. The rule at our house was as long as you ate with no complaint the amount was small any complaining and the amount was doubled. I HATED peas......still do actually anyways I pulled a Julia and by the end of the night had a huge plate of peas. My older brother thought it was hilarious and sat there and tortured me because that is just the role of big brothers. I sat at that table for 4 HOURS before I was smart enough to put them in my pocket and go to the bathroom and flush them down the toilet!!!!!!!! Tell Julia I feel for her but that she will someday do it too!!! I have to admit I don't add like my parents did but they do have to eat a small spoon full! Poor Jenna Just look at it this way you are building "wonderful" family memories, HA!

Shari U said...

Ahhhhh, domestic bliss. And I thought it was bad last night when my kid picked all the water chestnuts and other "bits" out of his casserole.

Crystal said...

Man, you weren't lying when you said dinner doesn't disappoint! Wow!

Poor, Jenna. Hope she's feeling fine today. I'll bet T & R thought the whole things was hilarious!

Crystal said...

Ooops...R meaning Ross, not Ryan!

Call Me Cate said...

My brother always cried and gagged over dinner. Quite unpleasant. The pic of Ryan cracks me up though. And you can send the baked beans to me - I love them!

Kim said...

Isn't dinner time great? You finally get everyone to sit down together and then you have to deal with the "I hate" and the siblings getting their two sense worth. What's a mom to do? I get my reward in knowing some day they too will be parents :-)

Anita said...

Well wow, imagine the drama some beans can bring! I thought some remark to the ensuing gas would be in the post, as that is what happens in our house.........and it's not fun.

Brandy said...

I would feel worse for you (and Julia) except that I get that reaction from my guys (37 & 18 respectively) whenever I try to serve any veggies except for corn, potatoes or green beans.

And I don't take no for an answer either. They MUST try it. Only then if they don't want then they are welcome to fix something else but this momma only cooks once.

I don't think anyone has thrown up though so I do feel bad about that. Especially since Jenna was actually eating her beans...poor girl.

Lorie said...

This sounds like my house at dinner time, I will give Kaylie the smallest portion of something she doesn't like and she will fight and move like a turtle to avoid eating it. She too will gag if I try to make her eat it.

Mary said...

ROTFLMBO! Are you kidding me?! I want to come to your house for dinner! Dinner and a show - LOL! I cracked up at the photo of you holding Jenna...the look on your face says a million words!
Nothing brings a family together like dinner time! ;o)

Margaret M said...

Lily Wen threw such a fit over mac and cheese one night that she ultimately threw up too. Mac and cheese...what kid doesn't love it...MINE! Bless you! Our family dinners with three are much quieter...usually!

Tricia said...

That is just like Emogene. She is getting better though.

Party of Seven said...

sounds like our dinner table most of the time. My boys would have taken it one step further body noises that came after the beans. ha

SpaGirl Jenn said...

Oh wow, to bring back so many memories!!!! My son (now 16) was JUST like that. He would do the gagging thing right over his plate....He drove me nuts...He never wanted to eat ANYTHING....Unless it was chicken nuggets, ramen noodles, hot dogs and stuff like that. Luckily he has gotten a little bit better with age...Not much though!!!

Good luck =-)