Monday, February 16, 2009

A Hole In The Head, (Or In This Case Two) ReDux

Last May I posted A Hole In the Head, (Or In This Case Two) which chronicled Julia and her BFF in Tennessee, Anna, getting their ears pierced. However, since then Julia has had some issues with sensitivity and her holes closed up. We planned on having them re pierced but we decided to let Jenna get her ears pierced too.

The original plan was to wait until Jenna's birthday in a week and a half, but the opportunity of a day out of school was too good to pass up. So while the babies were napping under Ross' watchful eyes, the girls and I headed to the mall.

Is there anywhere else to go for ear piercing?

Julia went first to show Jenna that it wasn't very painful. Julia was slightly worried that the piercing would hurt more since it was over her old holes, but her worry was for naught.

Next up was Jenna.

Jenna had the good sense to bring Bailey, her tried and true companion and source of comfort. A side note about Bailey-- this is "Clean Bailey." There is another Bailey called "Dirty Bailey." Dirty Bailey was the original Bailey that Jenna acquired a couple of months after Darrell died. The girls and I went to Build-a-Bear and they both got animals with a record your own message button. We scavenged old home movies and found places where Darrell was talking to them and recorded them. Bailey's recording is "Oh Jenna, that is sooo cute." However, to wash Dirty Bailey, surgery must be performed both before and after the washing. In the end, we got another Bailey, without the sound, so that she could be washed more easily. By the way, don't you dare call Bailey a he or Jenna will let loose a tongue lashing.

Jenna was a very brave girl. Only her left ear is pierced at this point and it hurt a little more then she thought it would. But she was determined to get the other one pierced anyway. Thank goodness!

And now both ears are pierced. It doesn't show up here, but she has tears on her cheeks. When it was all over, she shed a few silent tears but was happy that she went through with it.

The tears are gone now and she's happy. Two sisters showing off their identical earrings. Now Mommy wants to cry. Her babies are growing up before her eyes.


Kelsey said...

Julia is extremely brave! I have super sensitive skin and when I got my ears pierced at Claires, a few weeks after the holes got infected because of the earrings. I had to let them close up and then I vowed to never do that again. My aunt is a hairdresser and one year on Christmas eve she was doing my hair and while my head was in the sink, she decided to re-pierce my ouch. Julia must have a high pain tolerance!

Oh and I cried silent tears the first time I got my ears pierced at age 13...yeah, Jenna's pretty brave!

Lori said...

What beautiful girls!
I remember my first ear piercing♥
I was in 5th grade

Denise said...

Kelsey, Julia is ANYTHING but brave!!! She's a total scaredy cat but she really wanted her ears pierced.

She had the same problem with cheap earrings and infections. So nothing but 14K gold for her and possibly Sterling Silver. I told her that her earring choices are quite limited now due to cost issues!

Lori: I got mine pierced when I was in 3rd grade. We made Julia wait, more because Darrell wanted her to wait, but Jenna really wanted her's pierced too and I know that she will do a pretty good job of taking care of her ears.

Kristin said...

Oh how sweet! They look beautiful!

My 8 and 5 yr old recently went to Claire's too to get theirs done. It was a very fun day for us too!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Love the pic of the sisters together...and the story of Bailey.
Very sweet!

Joan said...

What big girls!!!

My almost 4 year old can't wait until she can get her ears pierced like her big sister. I loved seeing your two girls do it together.

I also love the idea of doing a sound card from Build a Bear. I have an old recording of my now 14 year old niece when she was 2. I have not been able to delete it from my voice mail and now I know what we can do with it. :-)

Sandy Toes said...

What sweet little memories together! How fun!
-sandy toe

Denise said...

Fun, fun! Maggie did fine getting her pierced, but we have had trouble with them falling out and me having to put them back in...lots of tears with that!!

Kristin said...

I too remember my ears getting pierced. What a right of passage. You were the brave one mommy. I tear up when my kids do something that makes the big kids.

Jill said...

WHAT beautiful girlies! I love pierced ears!
My girls have sensitive ears and wear the Claire's "sensitive" earrings with pretty good results...MOST of the time!

Brandy said...

Ah I can barely see the tear on her cheek. She was a brave girl though and now will have beautiful ears forever!

They are both gorgeous!

Tricia said...

You had me crying on that one. I still haven't pierced my girls ears. I had mine done when I was around 8. I never wear earrings now. I wonder if I still can.

Debbie said...

I've been debating on whether to get Sophie's little ears peirced so that I can quit getting the "Is it a boy or girl?" question, but you've helped me decide. I want to give her a chance to be brave and have a memory of going to get it done with Mommy.

Thanks Denise!

Kristin said...

Yeah for Jenna! I'm sure she is very proud of her earrings. Katie has the same issues as Julia. In fact, we've had hers repierced three times now. Fortunately, she seems to be past the major issues now. :-)

Beverly said...

Both girls are brave. I didn't do it until 18 and then it really hurt!

The Johnson 5 said...

They are brave!!
And Denise your girls are BEAUTIFUL!
I've been trying to find a way to make my kids stop growing. And seeing that starving them is illegal,I don't know any other way. (Of course I'm TOTALLY joking, I would never STARVE my kids but let me know if you find a way to make them stay little, legal or not :)