Thursday, February 5, 2009


Experts say that families that eat dinner together are happier and healthier. We try to eat together every night, with the exception of Trace who has class 4 nights a week. And with the exception of last week, we're usually pretty healthy. The happy part, we're usually that too, until last night.

Last night started off as a typical dinner. We were having baked potatoes for dinner along with a loaf of homemade bread (I am a June Cleaver wanna be.) The babies were eating, the kids weren't bickering amongst themselves, it was pretty quiet and enjoyable. That's because they were plotting.

I asked Julia if she had any homework. She gave me a look of utter exasperation and exclaimed "Mom, I told you 3 times already I don't have any homework tonight!"

"Sorry," I apologized. "I guess I didn't hear you."

"You don't hear us all the time." Ross interrupted.


"Mom, if you are on the computer and or watching a TV show, you don't hear us."

"What are you talking about?"

"He's right Mom." Julia agreed. "You do do that."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." I said with a look of righteous indignation.

They both started laughing. Jenna and Ryan joined in but didn't know why. Emma continued to stuff broccoli into her mouth. Some people want a Dinner and a Show but Emma only wants the dinner, unless Yo Gabba Gabba is involved.

"Mom, here's you on the computer." Julia then got a glazed look on her face, mouth hanging open. "And then I say 'Mom?' Nothing. 'Mom? MOM!' and you say 'huh?' and I say "Mom, I've called your name 3 times. And you say 'I didn't hear you.'"

"Well, maybe I do that..."

"Yes, you do." Ross interjected. "And sometimes when we get your attention you'll say 'Just a second.' and we wait and then you say 'just another minute.' and we're waiting five minutes."

"Well, I suppose I might..."

"You do do that!"

And of course, they thought this intervention was so hilarious. But I'm a good sport, so I was laughing too.

"The next thing you'll start talking about is my supposed snoring." I said.

"Mom, you really do snore, really loud." Jenna said, looking at me in all seriousness.

Somehow I missed the Let's Bully Mom at Dinner Memo. I guess they passed it around while I was busy ignoring them all.


annie kelleher said...

that reminds me of the time my oldest daughter came to me with a paper to be signed for school. when i told her i'd get to it after i finished writing just a few more pages, she stamped her foot (she was about 13 or 14) and said: "NO! you have to do it now! before you go into that never-never land or where it is you go!! do it now!!" she handed me a pen, and i, very chastened, signed. dont you just love kids? :)

Denise said...

Yes, I suppose they are here to keep me in line. Maybe they have a purpose after all. LOL

Brandy said...

Couldn't they have waited til dessert to confront you? Oh no, wait. You wouldn't have paid attention while in front of cheesecake.

Hey at least you are blogging about them!

JD said...

Sometimes, it's really hard for me to get the kids to work on their homework/responsibilities BEFORE computer, BEFORE video games, BEFORE TV... Even before going outside to play in the snow and build snow forts and all the fun things they do...

Because when it comes to scrubbing toilets and washing floors and all that jazz, and doing the umpteenth load of laundry... I, too, look longingly at the computer or the TV, or the books on my nightstand, and I want to weep.

It's hard for me to lecture the kids for things I can relate very, very much to.

One word... *** BUSTED *** LOL!

Kristin said...

You know, sometimes us Moms just need a break. A time to just totally space out and do something that doesn't involve cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving, etc. I say it's okay to be on the computer or watch a show and expect to have some quiet time to yourself! It won't kill them, right?!

My kids sometimes tease me about being on the computer, but I didn't hear all of what they said....LOL!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

On the bright side, at least they weren't bickering with each other...only you!

The way they described you sounds just like how I'd describe my husband. I quite often make him repeat back to me what I've just said and it's hilarious how little he hears.

Regina said...

This is why I LOVE to follow your blog. Too, too funny!!!

Megan said...

Hilarious! You's in trouuubbbllleee!

The Johnson 5 said...


I think we all do the "just a second honey" and then we forget about them!!

OH well honey, I'm out of the mother of the year drawing also!