Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Bloggy Awards

On the night of the Oscars (which I really don't watch) I'm attending my own awards show, The Bloggy Awards. When I received my invite I was pretty worried. Come on, I must of eaten about 10,000 calories the last couple of days eating Crack Bars. Seriously. Just when I thought I was over them, Candace at Life with Ana Kate suggested I try them with peanut butter and chocolate chips. Seriously? People--- stay away from these Devil Bars! Candace, I've got my eye on you, trying to sabotage me right before my big awards show.

I was pretty worried about what I would wear and if it would fit, but I dug around in my closet and finally came up with this old thing:

I know! I don't even look like me! But that's the way it is at these fancy, schmancy awards shows. I've done my red carpet stroll looking like a diva then I go in and find my seat. The paparazzi is so annoying. Take a picture, it lasts longer people! Oh, I guess that's what you're doing. My bad!

My first award that I'm up for is The Lovey Award.

The competition is steep, and its being given out by Tyler Florence! I'd do anything to accept an award from Tyler. He's opening the envelope -- I won! I walk up to the stage and accept my award, and get to hug Tyler!!! I delicately dab my eyes with a handkerchief and I make my acceptance speech. The night is young and I'm up for more awards. Can't be messing up my makeup, can I?


This award is from Kristin at A Family is Forever and Jill at Life at Killeny Glen, and Regina at No Greater Joys

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find friends and be friends.They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships will be propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly- written text into the body of their award."

Wow! The person who wrote that paragraph was quite pleased with themselves, huh? Well the following 8 people should be pleased with themselves! But be sure to include that cleverly written text or they might hunt you down and get you!

1. Erica at My Life and How I Live It
2. Tricia at The Joys of Mommy
3. Janelle at At Home With My Monkeys
4. Heidi at The Johnson Family Tales
5. Cary at Life in the Carpool Lane
6. Kristin at These Little Girls of Mine
7. Kristy at Franceskas Journey Home
8. Kathy at Our Life with Lindsey

Okay back to the Bloggy Awards show!

There's some other awards, Tech blogs, Sports blogs, blah, blah, blah. Finally the next award I'm up for, the Life is Grand award is next.

I don't think I'll win this one, the competition is really tough, so I'm trying to keep a poker face as my face is show split screen with Brandy, Kristin, and Teresa and Margaret. Plus, the award is given my Josh Holloway, aka Sawyer!!! OMG!!! Josh opens the envelope and reads:

Denise from There's Always Room For One More!

Sorry girls! Only I don't feel too sorry 'cause now Josh is hugging me as I accept my award. I think I've died and gone to heaven! I'll never take a shower again. Oh wait, when was the last time I took a shower???

What? Josh is whispering something in my ear-- oh that tickles! What did you say? We all won! Okay, I'm honored to share my award with these wonderful friends: Brandy, Kristin, Teresa and Margaret.

This award is from Carey at Life in the Carpool Lane. According to the rules, I'm to list 5 reasons that I think life is grand and pass this award on to 5 friends.

1. Because I'm at the Bloggy Awards!
2. I've been hugged by Tyler Florence, oh yeah, and I won the Lovey Award.
3. I've been hugged by Josh Holloway, oh yeah, and I won this award.
4. I get to go to some awesome after parties.
5. I've got some pretty fantastic bloggy friends!

I'm back in my seat and I lean over to Meggie, who's sitting next to me, and say, "Can you believe I just touched Josh Holloway?" Meggie just rolls her eyes at me, she is a teenager you know. I'm lucky she even agreed to sit by me!

The awards show is really dragging on but there's one last award I didn't even know I was up for! The Sisterhood Award. As my name is announced with the other nominees I'm slightly worried because I don't have an acceptance speech. But I won anyway!!!

The audience applause is starting to be less enthusiastic over all my wins. So when I accept my award, my acceptance speech is:

Don't be such haters people!

Kristin from These Little Girls of Mine gave me this award. I can't even remember how I found Kristin. I'm pretty sure I found her though, because she posted a beautiful tribute to her mother and I remember that I left a rambling, gushy comment (I know several of you have become the beneficiary of those) and a bloggy friendship was born.

I'm supposed to give this award to 10 blogs that show great attitude and gratitude.

1. Meggie at The World According to Meggie (because she agreed to sit with me!)
2. Candace at Life with Ana Kate (because even though she tried to sabatoge my dress, I still like her!)
3. Jill at Life at Killeny Glen (because she gave me an award see above)
4. Heather at Dragons and Elephants (because everyone she knows knows me now-- happy to entertain! That's my motto, Entertaining People, One At a Time)
5. April at Party of Seven ( because bless her heart, she's been sick as can be so she needs an award!)
6. Kim at Hannah's Family Fun (because she went to Disney World so I'm living vicariously through her)
7. Regina at No Greater Joys (because she gave me an award too-- see above)
8. Lorie at The Princess and The Ladybug (because she promises to take me to Starbucks if I go to Florida. Sounds like a good reason to go to Florida!)
9. Denise at Love Keeps Growing More Love (because she's in the middle of a kitchen renovation and she deserves an award!)
10. Donna at Lena and Macey (because she's had sick kids too!)

Okay, the awards show is over and it's time for the after parties. Woo Hoo!!! Bring 'em on, Mommy needs a night out! But on my way out Brandy from Not Your Average Soccer Mom stops me and shoves a camera in my face to ask me a few questions.

Brandy: If you had to choose one of the 4 remaining senses (since you can't smell) to do without for the rest of your life which one would you choose? And why?

Me: What? (Shaking my head in confusion.) Umm, okay, I guess my sense of taste because I really like seeing, hearing and touching and maybe I'd stop eating Crack Bars if they didn't taste so good.

Brandy: Have you ever copied a rock icon's look? For example, beat it with one glove like Michael, shuffled in "Hammer" pants like MC Hammer or crawled on the floor a net shirt and fishnets like Madonna.

Me: Look at me! Do I look like I need to copy someone else's look? Uhm, okay, maybe I should, but I'm my own person. And for the record, I never really copied anyone else's look because to even think about it would mean that I was aware of how I looked (some day I'll make you all spit your beverage of choice out your noses by showing you pictures of me from the '80's) I guess the closest I came to trying to look like someone else was when I got a Dorthy Hamill haircut back in 7th grade. Not a good look for me. Trust me on this.

Brandy: Would you rather have a 3 legged dog or a hairless cat?

Me: I just won 3 Bloggy Awards and you're asking me about dogs and cats??? Am I being Punked? Where's Ashton? If Ashton is here, then Demi is too and I want to ask her if she ate Crack Bars before she filmed her bikini scene in Charlie's Angels 2. No? Okay, well then I guess a 3 legged dog because I don't really care for cats. Sorry, Cynthia!

Brandy: What family member has inspired you most and why?

Me: My almost 6 year old daughter Jenna. Jenna has been through so much loss in her short life. She was abandoned at one day old, lived with a foster family until the day we adopted her when she was 17 months and then her daddy died a week after she turned 3. She's been through so much yet she is such a sweet and happy girl. She's incredibly brave and resilient. I'm in awe of her. Brandy, now you're making me tear up and mess up my makeup!

Brandy: Okay, one last question. If you were inaugurated as President today, what would be your first order of business? Be specific.

Me: Hmm, that's really a tough one. I would like to rule the world but I don't think and executive order will take care of that one. I'll have a committee look into it.

Brandy: I'd head off to Lula's After Party, you know she's done it up just right; southern style with a little punk influence. Where are you headed?

Me: Technically, that's another question, but I'll let it slide. I'm going to Lula's too. Can I ride in your limo?

Brandy: Sure, and we can watch Lost in the limo on the way and compare notes with Lula.

Sounds like the perfect end to a perfect evening!

Brandy posted a list of questions that another blogger had sent to her. Then she sent me a list of questions to answer. This was actually a couple of weeks ago and I bet Brandy thought I forgot about her. I was just saving it for something special-- Like the Bloggy Awards! If you would like me to ask you five questions to answer on your blog, let me know in the comments


Anonymous said...

Wow-that dress is awesome!

Brandy said...

Why Denise you looked lovely! I can't believe I didn't compliment you before assaulting you with the camera. Deadlines know how it is.

Thank you for allowing me to interview you. And no worries, everything in the limo was strictly off the record.

momma said...

You are so beautiful and lovely. Has anyone ever told you that you look like keira knightly? seriously, she could be your stunt double in your next movie!! :)

you have the best ideas. i loved this post!!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Awww...Thank you for the sweet award. To get a friend award from you means a lot. I can't wait to check out the other blogs you passed awards to...

You look gorgeous in your gown! There is something about your hair or makeup that kind of reminds me of Keira Knightley. I bet people confuse the two of you all the time, huh? Do you think I can borrow that dress for when I win the Mama of the Year Award? Or maybe we can drag it around on the Amazing Race and take turns wearing it for some of the challenges?

Heather said...

I can't belive I won! I WON! I think I might just hyperventilate. I'm ready to meet you at the show so don't be late. I pulled together a last minute outfit (I didn't want to look like a hag sitting next to you) and although I'm no Denise, I think I look pretty spiffy. Check out my blog to see for yourself!

Thanks so much for the nice award. I'll try to live up to my reputation.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

It's me again...
My boys just woke up from nap and I've been promising them we'd make a treat so what else would we make but Denise's Crack Bars?
At first I was concerned because the boys only seemed interested in mini marshmallows. It took a while but they warmed up to the Crack Bars. In a mere 15 minutes we finished half the pan. Dinner is ruined for tonight...oh, well!

Kristin said...

LOL! I love the play by play of your awards show experience! You just looked great in your dress! Ha!

Thank you so much for the award! Yay! How exciting....good thing I forgot all about making some of those crack bars this weekend!!

You're a great friend, Denise, and I'm really glad I found your blog (or you found mine, whichever the case may be!). Your posts always crack me up!!

Jill said...

WOW! Your dress is divine...and if you look like THAT having consumed all those crack bars...then eat away baby!!
THANK YOU for my bloggy award! I will bear it with honor!

Tricia said...

Thank you so much for the award. It is my first so that makes it extra special. Now I need to go find something to wear for my acceptance speech.

Kristin said...

You are a complete nut...but I love you anyhow!! You always make me laugh. :-)

That was such a clever post. I don't have the time nor energy to complile all that. My hat is off to you!!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness!! I think I might faint up here! First of all I'd like to thank Denise for this wonderful award! I'm completely speechless and overwhelmed! I'd like to thank my family for all their inspiration! Now let's get on to the after party. I really need some of those crack bars right now!

You like me, you really like me!!

Kelsey said...

You're too cute. Congrats on your bloggy awards!

Heather said...

I have to admit that I didn't finish reading your entire post last night (I was trying to get ready for the awards gala and just didn't have time for such nonsense.) But I did finish it this morning and I would love "5 Questions." Throw them out girl, and I'll see what I can come up with.

Lorie said...

Thank you so much for my award, who woulda thunk it?? Me an award...I guess you'll do anything for Starbucks won't yeah?? Well, if you can manage it, come on down, would love to honor my promise.

By the way, when making pb crack bars, do you just substitute pb for the marhsmallows?? I'd like to try them that way........

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! I don't know what I'm more jealous of--the dress or the awards!

Tricia said...

I would love to answer 5 questions. That sounds fun. Also, please share the pb and chocolate chip crack bars. The sound yummy.

Megan said...

Haha Love it! Congrats on all your awards! And wow, you look fantabulous in that dress! ;0)