Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Tim and Eric Awesome Show

If you aren't a teenage boy then you probably have no idea whatsoever what my title means. If you HAVE a teenage boy and do know about this show then my apologies...

{In today's post Denise plays with her blog feature of the day, embedding video.}

My boys love this show which is on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The new season began about 2 weeks ago and premiered on Sunday night at 11:30 pm. They couldn't wait for it to be shown.

I really can't judge their dedication to their show. As I have previously stated, I'm a total Lostie, so who am I to judge. But have you seen this show???

Here's a clip of a commercial promoting Season 3. Please do not feel obligated to watch the entire 30 second clip. It really doesn't get any better.

My poor boys just don't understand why I can't appreciate the humor to this show. I can't understand why they don't read my blog, even when I'm in China and posting daily pictures of their new brother. Call it a generation gap. But every Monday all I hear is "Tim and Eric this" and "Tim and Eric that." I understand. This is the woman who scours the internet the day after a new Lost episode. But my sons are bound and determined to make me a fan of their show.

This past Monday Trace told me that I just hadn't given T&E a chance.

"Are you kidding me? Do you know how many YouTube videos I have suffered through?" I asked incredulously. Countless, but if I had to guess around 15.

"But Mom, its different this season. You should watch this season." Trace countered.

"Yeah, its different because its copying off of Southpark. Tim dies in every episode this season."
How did I know this? Remember the Monday recaps.

"He didn't die in last night's episode."

He couldn't be dissuaded so later at dinner he made a proposal.

"If you watch one entire episode with me I will never mention an item of your choice from the past that I remind you of."

He had my attention on this one. He is notorious for bringing up incidents from his childhood to tell the younger children how much meaner I used to be an how good they have it now. Unfortunately, I don't remember some of these so called incidents. In fact, some of his recollections have me doing things I know I never would have done. The most notorious would be the Walmart Incident, not to be confused with the Lesser Walmart Incident. I freely admit to the Lesser Walmart Incident, although Ross and I both remember the Lesser Walmart Incident differently than Trace does. But I am sure The Walmart Incident never occurred.

Here is The Walmart Incident as recalled by Trace:

I was just a tiny little boy in the front part of the shopping cart at Walmart and I sweetly asked for a toy. Mom slapped me across the face and told me to never ask for the toy again.

I can assure you that this never happened. I DO NOT SLAP MY CHILDREN ON THE FACE. I cannot stress this enough. Ross highly doubts the authenticity of this recollection as well. It is true that I have a pretty strict "I don't buy toys at the store for no reason" policy but I sure wouldn't have slapped him for asking. Pure fabrication and taking advantage of my often rampant Momnesia. (Hey, Momnesia is real. I saw it on Regis and Kelly last year.)

So after Trace made his proposal I looked at Julia and asked "Which incident do you think I should erase?"

Without prompting by me she said "The Walmart Incident."

Whoa! Trace wasn't ready to let go of this one. Its an oldy and a goody. "You have to watch 3 episodes."

"No way, you said one!"

"Its a good one, its worth 3."



We were headed to the basement, literally right then, leaving Julia in charge of the babies. Did you realize that you can watch the Tim and Eric Awesome Show on Adult Swim??? Yeah, baby! Oh wait, that's Austin Powers.

The good part about this experience was it only lasted 13 minutes. Poor boys. I get about 50 minutes of Lost to their 13 minutes of T&EAS.

The interesting part was that Ed Begley Jr. was on the show. Before I stopped to think I blurted out loud that Ed must be really hurtin' for work to be on this show which highly offended Trace. "Mom, they don't get paid for this. They just do it because they like the show."

Yeah, right.

I have seen Ed Begley Jr. on HGTV and the Ed I have seen on that show would never do this but yet here he is in plain sight.

Before I knew it my 13 minutes were up. If you really don't want to have the ending spoiled for you don't read below....


Technically while they didn't show Tim dying they did show Tim and Eric jumping off of a building holding hands.

"You said he didn't die." I pointed out.

"Mom, he didn't die."

"He jumped off a building!"

"Mom, that building was only 2 stories tall. He didn't die."

Die, crush bones in his body, what's the difference? He'll be back good as new next Sunday night. Just like Kenny.


Kristin said...

I am such a bad mom. I need to see if my kids are into this show as well! No one has mentioned it. Hmm. Let me go ask.......

Okay, I'm back. Alex had no idea what I was talking about. Guess I have a little bit more time. :-)

Hey, for your 13 minutes of show time, you gained lots of cool mom time.

Mom2Three said...

That looks like the dumbest show on the planet! Stick with Lost. It's the only show with actual actors acting that I watch. BUT.... we spend a LOT of time watching "Living with Ed" and "Tori and Dean," because we're insane, obviously.

Adam Holloway said...

Haha, I know what you're talking about.

I happen to be a big fan of the show. It is incredibly hard to understand why anyone would like it until they start talking about it with someone else. The show... has something. Something different. There are some things that will totally gross you out until you realize that its a fairly deep commentary on some fairly stupid pop culture. I was excited to see Ed Begley Jr. on there. I'm surprised every week when I watch it, that one reason why I love it so much.

That being said it is obvious that it is not everyone cup of tea. What I do think is true, however, is that Tim and Eric have achieved something closer to "artistic comedy" then anything comedy-related I've ever watched. There's a saying that "bros" just don't get Tim and Eric, because you have to understand the little nuances of the human face to get why some of it is really quite extraordinary. These two guys were basically told in college that they couldn't make comedy for an art film class. To me, art is where life is. Why can't humor be considered an art form? These two guys have tapped into something different for sure.

I just like explaining why I love it so much.