Friday, August 15, 2008

The Stair Master

Emma has added a new skill set to her repertoire: Stair climbing.

A week or so ago she would go to the steps and get up one step and freak out and someone would come running to get her. However, it didn't take her long to master it.

Here she is at the bottom of the stairs.

There she goes!

Around the landing and up the next set of stairs.

She's almost to the top and she realizes that Ryan is playing with her purse. Uh oh! Now she's really going!

When Emma first started getting to the top she was quite proud of herself and would crawl around and explore. But the last couple of days she's realized that not only do the rest of us go up but we also go down. So now getting to the top is old news, now she wants to be just like the rest of us and go down. Until yesterday she would stand there at the top yelling. I know she was yelling for us to come get her, even if it wasn't in English. Then finally yesterday, she figured out some new moves.

Notice that she doesn't come down the same way she went up. She's holding onto the railing and trying to walk down.

OK, one step down, many more to go.

I think I can make the next one...

I did it! (Why is the paparazzi always in my face?) It's this step that she always gets hung up on and she will go up and down these two steps until she gets extremely frustrated. Obviously her little arms aren't long enough to reach the spindles much longer.

Sometimes a hug from Mommy makes everything much better.

I moved her to the other side and tried to show her that she would do better over there.

One step down, many more to go.

Surveying the situation.

Halfway down to the second step. Ryan is offering moral support. Ryan is wearing a one piece outfit with snaps and realized tonight that he could rip his snaps apart, hence the nearly naked look. For the record, I think he does have 2 snaps still together in the crotch area.

She's now down on the second step and Ryan has deserted her to the bottom of this set of stairs. You can see the top of his head.

Oh, look who showed up! It's Doctor Jenna! Since she couldn't watch procedures the other day she's decided she could just do her own. But who should she do them on???

Ryan, you lucky guy! First a temperature check. Can you tell we take axillary temperatures in our house?

Next a shot. In the chest. Is it just me, or does she look a little too happy to be poking someone in the chest with a "shot?"

{Now that I think of it the "needle" placement reminds me a lot of a sternal bone marrow...}

Temperature? Check. Shot in the chest? Check. Now time for a blood pressure check. Personally, I would have taken the blood pressure after the shot.

I need to listen to your heart and chest-- this won't hurt a bit.

Doctor Jenna has finished her job. Another patient saved.

Meanwhile, Emma is still navigating the stairs trying to figure out how to get to the third step.

Emma watch out! She reached too far and Jenna reached over to save her! Our hero!

Now this is the way to go down the stairs!

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Kristin said...

Go Emma! Anna Grace used to come down the stairs on her stomach. She would push off the first step and slide all the way to the bottom. There are days now that she still does that just for fun. Boy can that girl fly down the steps!