Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm a New Woman

I had a little "teaser" a few weeks ago that I was going to be on TV but didn't say anymore. Now I can fill you in on some of the details.

I have always had the good fortune to meet the most amazing people! I happen to have moved across the street from a really sweet couple, Dave and Lori Baerg, who run their own online production company, Prizm Productions. They do the most interesting, diverse projects. Right after I came back from China, Lori brought over a few presents for Ryan. While she was here she told me that she and Dave were going to be shooting a pilot for a Kansas City based show which will be titled The Power of KC. It just so happens that the hosts of the show live on the street behind Lori. In fact, Jennifer, also a friend of mine and one of the hosts, is the actress on the website linked above. One segment of the new show is called "Knock, Knock, Kansas City" and they will do makeovers on deserving people. Lori wanted to know if I would be their first makeover.

Of course, I could take this in a number of different ways but I have actually seen myself in the mirror some days this summer so I could understand why they might pick me. However, Lori said they picked me because there would be pampering involved and she thought I deserved to be pampered. I almost didn't feel right accepting the invitation but my sister-in-law Janne' said if I didn't do it then she would. I couldn't have that!

This morning, bright and early I had all of my children up and dressed and there was a knock on my door-- Suprise! We're whisking you away for a day of pampering! After 3 takes of this and introducing my children, I left in a limo for our first destination. The Spa Tuscano!

First, let me mention that I have never been to a spa before. I really wasn't sure what to expect but I think that Spa Tuscano set the bar pretty high. For one thing, it was gorgeous! But more importantly, at least I presume this would be an important attribute for a spa, it was relaxing. First I got a facial -- another first for me. It was amazing and I found out that I had a really good dermis. ;>) Then I got to partake in a European Bath. This is a small heated pool with a water fall that goes over your shoulders.

While all of this does sound relaxing, it was all being filmed. Lights had to be set up. The hosts, Jen and Phil, and I wore microphone packs. I thoroughly enjoyed the spa experience but I was fascinated with the behind the scenes aspect. We were on a tight schedule so I only got to do 2 things but The Spa Tuscano thought that I didn't get enough pampering. They told me that I can come back at my convenience to experience a real, full spa day. I can't wait!

After we left the spa we climbed back in the limo, all the while being filmed, and headed to our new destination, Bella B's Boutique.

I'm just going to come right out and admit that this place intimidated me. They have designer clothing and I don't wear a size 8 anymore. I wondered what they would do if nothing there fit me. And when I first walked in I thought that nothing would work for me at all. This place was hip and cool. Me? Just ask my kids.

But I worried for nothing. I found several outfits that worked and received the most wonderful help from Brooke and Bobbi. They wanted to see everything I tried on and would tell me why something did or didn't work. Usually I'm just guessing so its really nice to know WHY something is working or not. We picked one of the outfit for my "big reveal" and then moved on. Next it was time for my hair.

I was really excited about this part. My hair has been driving me crazy. I hadn't had it cut since I went to Vietnam last October and had my travel partner, Tommi-Lynn, cut it for me. (Tommi went to cosmetology school before working at her present job.) So needless to say, since I have tremendously thick hair, it was big bush that I kept in a pony tail most of the time. How annoying.

We hopped in the limo again and were off to Salon Ahloe. Once we arrived I met Safe Ahloe, the owner. He and one of his employees, Cassie, examined my hair and collaborated on what to do with it. It had gotten quite long, at least 4-6 inched past my shoulders. Did I mention it is thick? And long? Thick and long? Yeah, you get the idea. There was a ton of hair there. I think everyone within about 6 feet of me ended up picking up and playing with some part of my hair, while it was still on my head, including Scott the lighting guy. I guess its a good thing I'm such a good sport! Safe decided my hair should be shoulder length and layered up. Cassie decided I should become a red head.

I was really shocked by that one! I expected to go blond but not red. But Cassie said with my freckles and my green eyes that I looked like a red head so I decided to go with the expert. I got my hair cut first and then colored-- with high lights and low lights. While I was waiting my my color to process I got a pedicure. All the while the people who worked there were so very kind to me and were almost as excited to see my end results as I was. It was the most wonderful experience! After my coloring was done (which I forgot to mention included coloring my eyebrows!) Safe blow dried my hair. When he was done I was completely blown away! I LOVE IT!!!!

Since I got my eyebrows colored they had to look good too so I also got an eyebrow wax-- yet another first! The only thing that didn't look good when I was done was my face -- I had no makeup. Did it come off for the eyebrow wax? No. Did it come off with the facial and never got reapplied? No. I never had it on. I can't believe I spent an entire day-- from 7:30 in the morning until 6:00 at night-- being filmed, seeing all kinds of very classy, sophisticated people and I had not one ounce of makeup on!!!! Did I also mention I wore that nasty ponytail all day too? Well, ponytail no more! Its gone.

Tomorrow is a day of yet more filming. Tomorrow is my Big Reveal. The kids are excited because they get to miss a day of school to go to the Kansas City Power and Light District and watch. The Power of KC is being filmed in front of an audience and I get to show my new look off to the audience as well as be interviewed. They told me when I answer questions to now answer with one word responses. I laughed and asked Lori and Jen if they really thought that was going to be a problem with ME?

Tomorrow morning I go back to see Safe so he can fix my hair again. Then we are all off to the Power and Light District to start filming at 10:00 and we hope to be done by 2:00.

I wish I had a photo to show you all what I look like with my new look. It seems so cruel to tell you and not show you but I leave you with the promise of multiple photos tomorrow!


wingepr said...

Oh I'm so jealous. However, you truly do deserve the pampering. I wouldnt have the nerve to be filmed. I cant wait to see the pics.


The Sharp Family said...

I am so happy for you! I can only dream of an opportunity like that! You deserve it and I am so looking forward to the pictures!

Kristin said...

Oh how fun!!! I can't wait to see the end results! I would love a day like that. :-)

Donna said...

What an awesome thing to do! Where are the pics? :)

Denise said...

I think every single one of you deserve it too! I really felt kind of guilty doing this. I really didn't feel very "deserving."