Sunday, August 17, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Ross is starting his senior year of high school on Monday but he is already well acquainted with some of his new school mates. Ross has been working out with the football team this summer and on Saturday night they had a Blue and White game. Varsity against Junior Varsity.

Changing high school is hard. Changing your senior year has to suck. Playing football and playing varsity makes it a bit more palpable but we wanted to give Ross our full support. It occurred to me that with all of our family members we had our own little pep squad. I decided, Saturday morning mind you, that we needed to show our full support and wear matching T shirts. And not just any T shirt-- T shirts with slogans!

We came up with a name for out little posse. We are The Blue Crew, for obvious reasons. I had told a neighbor earlier in the day at her daughter's birthday party what I was doing. When we left for the game she saw us and asked if I wanted her to take our picture.

Many thanks to Courtney for her help with this! Even Emma has a T shirt/dress. The fronts are stenciled and the backs?

Iron on decals. We all have the number 20, which is Ross' number. At the top we all have a #-- Fan. I am #1. Trace is #2, Julia #3, and so on. This is Ryan who is Ross' #5 fan. Notice he is carrying some pompoms I found at the grocery store that afternoon. Trace and Ross' masculinity was slightly threatened with Ryan carrying these around. Too bad.

Ross' team. St. Mary's High School Trojans. Yes, this is both the Varsity and Junior Varsity. Its a small school.

There's my baby in the middle, #20.

A picture of the seniors.

While we waited for the game to start Jenna wasted no time finding some friends to play with.

Fans 5 and 6 had each other.

OK, lets play some ball! Ross in a play. I think he's playing offense here.

His Blue Crew on the sidelines cheering him on. The man on the left is the boy's father, Clint. Since we moved he is about 2 1/2 hours away from us so he drove up for the game.

Ok, what's the plan?

Sprinting into action.

I admit, I don't remember who won. While it was supposed to be Varsity against JV it turned out to be offense vs defense. Ross mostly plays defense so his team didn't get the ball a whole lot.

And here are the guys. Ryan, Trace (who when he saw this photo commented that he needed a hair cut), sweaty Ross, and their dad Clint.

The booster club was supposed to feed us dinner and the game was supposed to start at 6:00. It started much later and the game got over around 8:45 so my kids were starving! I did put some Cheerios and Goldfish in my bag but they needed more than that. Since it wasn't a real game there was no concession stand and they wouldn't let anyone have food until the game was over. So when the game finally got over, the line was long and I didn't want to hang around anyway. Where to go for fast food? Why the inventor of fast food! McDonald's!

We found a drive through and I ordered 4 Happy Meals and a value meal. When I pulled up to the window the manager couldn't believe I had 4 kids in the back (!?!?!?!) He was amazed. I find people's amazement astounding. It doesn't seem all that unusual to me. But that's just me I guess. In any case, I felt like the worst mother in the world feeding my children Happy Meals for dinner at 9:00 pm! Oh well, there's always tomorrow when I'm sure I'll do something even worse!


Anonymous said...

Hey we moved to the country of Singapore my Senior year AND we had to wear...gasp...uniforms!!! I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!

I had a wonderful sr year, hear is hoping he does too :)


The Sharp Family said...

What a good mom you are :) I so wish we lived closer!

Kristin said...

Love the shirts! And how cool that the boys' dad could be there as well.

I have a senior too so we'll survive this year together. :-)

Denise said...


Ross has to wear a uniform too. He has khaki pants and blue, white, or burgandy polos.

Personally, I LOVE uniforms!!! They make life so much easier and I think the kids look so good in them. We had them when we lived in Little Rock. The only down side to them is that I ended up with twice the laundry since then came home from school and then put new clothes on.