Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome to the Sick Ward

Its been Theme Week around here. So with Theme Week I'm bound to the theme of the day. A few things have happened in the mean time. I've had a house full of sick kids. I was supposed to have a reporter come and interview our family on Wednesday. The gods of Baby's R Us must have aligned with rising Jupiter and a crescent moon and allowed me a glimpse into Emma and Ryan's future. I got to go to the bathroom-- alone.

But alas, I was writing about a different bathroom experience and hats. Not that theme week wasn't fun, but now these other things are old news. I'm going to write about them and you're going to say "That was so 3 days ago" to which I'm going to reply "And your point is?"

Last Sunday as I was preparing to be Good Citizen Denise and go eat cheesecake go listen to a school board bond proposal, Jenna was complaining of a headache. A fever was soon behind.

It lasted about 36 hours, a low grade fever, constant headache and occasional tummy ache. Jenna went back to school on Wednesday.

In the meantime, Julia came home from school on Monday crying. She had a sore throat that was killing her. She had gone to the school nurse but since she didn't have a fever the nurse sent her back to her class. By 7:00 Julia had a fever. By 9:30 she was hugging a toilet. The next day I took her to the doctor to receive a $30 diagnosis that I already knew (remember I watch House now)- a very nasty case of Strep throat.

Monday was Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox, which coincidentally is the Year of Julia. To celebrate, and I use the term quite loosely, I ordered Chinese. Sickly Julia turned her nose at Chinese and wanted Sonic. So being the doting mother that I am (I heard that kids!) I got her Sonic and a Sprite.

On Tuesday morning the babies woke up when I did, around 7:00. I was upstairs checking Julia and when I came down I found this:

Yes, that would be Julia's Sonic cup the Emma had taken out of the trash. Great. I mean, ordinarily I wouldn't care that my baby pulled a cup out of the trash and started drinking it, but you know, this one was covered in strep.

Wednesday night Emma was running a very low grade fever and was cranky. The question was did she have Jenna's virus or Julia's strep? Thursday she ran a low fever off and on but by that night it was higher and she wasn't eating and even gagging on food. I've been known to make a meal or two that my kids didn't like, but this was pizza.

Off to the doctor for us this morning, with Ryan in tow. Diagnosis: Strep, and a nasty case at that. I felt terrible. It didn't present like strep so I didn't take her the doctor making her suffer a day longer then necessary. One more thing added to the Mommy Guilt List.

So what does a poor little 18 month old with a nasty case of strep throat look like?

This would be Emma who was still quite incised that not only had someone stuck a cotton swab down her throat, but someone else stuck a stick in her mouth. The indignity of it all.

You would think that she would want her mommy to make it all better when we got home.

And she did, but was still unhappy until she spotted this:

To which she instantly stopped crying and started reaching and grunting. When I picked it up she started babbling "gabba gabba."

I don't know about you, but whenever I see a remote control Yo Gabba Gabba is the first thing that comes to mind.

But my baby was miserable and if she wanted to watch oversized, overgrown, stuffed animals bouncing around, singing annoying songs I was going to let her. She started on my lap but was soon down in front of the tv.

Nothing like Yo Gabba Gabba to make things all better.

I think Noggin needs to add that to their list of endearing qualities: Enhances preschoolers' social skills and self-awareness, expands musical and kinesthetic skills and is a baby narcotic. I always told you it was Baby Crack. Just remember who told you first.

And so, there's one question that remains.

When's this ticking time bomb going to go off?

By the way, the shirt is completely appropriate.

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mommy4life said...

I sooooo identify! Four kids and it seems at least one has been sick since Thanksgiving. My toddler doesn't do well with the doctor even looking at her from across the room - although her drugs of choice are Barney and Elmo.....

Hoping it is contained for your sanity...

Katie said...

We have had our round of sicknesses here...ours went straight to pnemonia. Blagh. I'm reading quickly, so we aren't exposed too long and catch your sicknesses! :)

Kristin said...

Oh my. You have had a horrible week. It's no fun being sick and even less fun having sick kids. I hope everyone starts bouncing back quickly....and it escapes both you and Ryan!!

JD said...

Oh Denise... my heart goes out to you!! It's MY turn to whip up a batch of homemade chicken noodle soup and let you put your feet up for a while!!

I'm lucky here, I am still battling pneumonia, but no one else got sick (knock on wood).

Brenda Jean said...

Wow, what a cruddy week! I laughed so hard at the Sonic cup picture--I now feel guilt for laughing at it then discovering what it led to and that YOU had mom guilt. Did that make sense at all? It's a priceless picture though...really.

We do this dropping like dominoes thing at our house all the time. I hate it.

Yo Gabba Gabba freaks me out. I don't get it, but then I'm thinking you have to be a toddler to get it. BAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Kristin said...

Oh man! I feel for you! I've had 2 sick ones this week too. That picture of Emma with the Sonic Cup is so funny! All this going on, and you still find time to make us all laugh! Thank goodness, because your blog always brightens my day! I hope Ryan stays well!

I swear I feel my throat starting to hurt just from reading this post! LOL

Heather said...

We had to take our 3 to the doctor today and all 3 had double ear infections. Winter is no no fun when sickness is involved. Hope all your kids get better soon!!

Thanks for stopping by the other day!

momma said...

i've always thought that mothers deserved their own m.d. license. there are so many times i've been able to correctly diagnosis my kiddies (and the ones at school), but i still have to pay that dr! i think if we are right, we should get the visit free!!

Denise said...

Amen Momma! I especially like that since I owe the doctor's office about $400 and the children's hospital $5000. Maybe I could diagnosis other people's kids too!

Brandy said...

When you said you had sick kids, you really meant it. Wow! I hope it skips Ryan...and you.

Heather said...

Know what you mean. I got thrown up on by a 21 month old three times in 24 hours. (Why do they always wait until you lay down in bed with them next to you to throw up?) Of course what does that mean for me? I spend the next 3 days hugging the toilet with two 21 months old and a five year old in the bathroom with me laughing at what mommy is doing.

I know what you mean about Ryan. I have been so paranoid I am going to switch the "Twins" bottles and get the one sick that isn't. It will be a maricle if we can get through an illness without both "Twins" getting sick.

I hope your house heals without any more casualties.

Upstatemomof3 said...

So sorry everyone is feeling under the weather. Baby Sister is sick too. Well, actually both she and Big Brother have colds but hers is nasty. She is coughing and all congested. No fever so far though. I certainly hope it stays that way.

Denise said...

Upstatemomof3: I hope Baby Sister gets well soon. Nothing scarier then a baby with a cold, well, for me anyway. One good batch of RSV made me paranoid.

Erika said...

Oh, I hope everyone feels better soon!! We're dealing with RSV around here... and I promise to have a new post up soon!

wingepr said...

He is smiling, I love to see Ryan samile.

So sorry your kids are sick, sure hope they are better soon.


Shannon of "Room for More" said...

Okay, that is our house now. I have one out of 4 who has yet to get it. My dh is wobbling through life trying to fight it (not working!). I am watching our ticking time bomb child closely too. Did I mention, I went down too. I'm on day 5 in bed. I will be praying little man doesn't catch a thing!!!

Livin' out loud said...

Denise, all I can say is awwwwww! Poor bablies, strep is indeed NASTY business! Hope all are feeling better soon!!

Jill said...

Oh Denise...the winter has hit you big with the CREEPY CRUD...chicken soup and hot tea comin' your way! :)

Yo Gabba Gabba said...

That case of strep throat looks nasty, but +1 to the healing powers of Yo Gabba Gabba!

Oh - and I thought I was the only parent whose TV has been turned in a 24-7 YGG channel, might as well scrap any other channel that isn't Nick Jr.

Hope everyone is better soon!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Oh dear! I hope everyone is feeling better soon. We had our two rounds with the stomach flu, closely followed by another sore throat virus (negative for strep) to start the year off, I'm hoping we've paid our dues for awhile...sounds like your house has too! (and yes, we watched a boatload of noggin during that stretch!)

Take care,

The Johnson 5 said...

I'm so sorry all your babies have been so sick!!

Hopefully it is finished and making its way out!!