Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Power of Gold

You know the economy is bad when a company goes to any lengths to bring back one of their favorite customers.

I have been trying to stay away from one of my most favorite places, Starbucks- the awesomest place on earth, (according to one it's drive through employees.) And I had been doing so well. I went SIX days without going! SIX DAYS!!!! I don't think I even went that long in China. And although the cute little metal steamer tube to my espresso machine is still firmly wedged into one of the tiny holes of my garbage disposal, I've been using it to make my own no fat, no whip mochas at home.

Now I will freely confess that I had Starbucks 3 days in a row last week. I broke my fast the first day because it was Field Trip Tuesday with my sister-in-law Janne'. Janne' likes Starbucks almost as much as I do so what kind of sister-in-law would I be if I denied her her Viente Chai Latte? And the other two days? I ran away from home to find a place to write and what came to mind? My dear friend, Starbucks. Two days I sat in Starbucks two and a half hours both times and I only got one drink each day. But on that second day the heavens parted and the angels sang and I was introduced to:

The Starbucks Gold Card.

As you can see this is a really cool looking card. I mean, I just had to have one for those floating gold stars alone. And the slick black card-- black goes with everything, especially my wardrobe in the winter not to mention that black is slimming. Between my quarter mile jogs and that black Starbucks Gold card I'll look like a super model. I better not turn sideways or you might not be able to see me.

That card had to be mine. And for a mere $25 it was. Now I can hear what you're thinking-- she paid $25 to get a black card with gold stars? But wait! Not only did I get a super cool card that makes me feel so very special, but I got a free drink! Right then and there! And I get one on my birthday too. But even better, I get 10% off all my drinks. That alone makes it all worth it. The only problem is now I want to use it. I want to get my 10% off to pay for my card. See where this is going? The Queen of Rationalization is working her magic.

But I was a good girl and I didn't use it on Friday which made it even more justifiable to whip it out today. I don't want my little Black Beauty to think I've forgotten her. As I pulled up to the drive through window I got my wallet and pulled out The Card and sang "Ahhhh...."

Julia was with me and asked in an amused tone "Are you going to do that every time you pull that card out?"

I just might.

The author was not compensated by Starbucks to promote this special offer, although as much publicity as she has given them over the last few months she should get free no fat, no whip mochas for life, or be in a commercial, or something.


Margaret Miracle said...

I was in Louisiana for 9 days and I realized as I got home tonight that I did not make it to Starbucks once. How did that happen?

I have really enjoyed catching up tonight! Love the new look!

Kristin said...

You are too funny. :-) Use that card whenever you want to! And don't feel guilty about it!

Brandy said...

They say the first step is admitting your addiction. You've done that...and I think you should just live with it. Starbucks rocks!

And that little card is the cutest.

Beverly said...

I was wondering what all came with the gold card. Hope you use it well and that they do compensate you for your enthusiasm for starbucks.