Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Favorite Time of Year

Ah, the crackle of the falling leaves and the cool crisp air are signals that it's my favorite time of year: Falling back from Daylight Savings Time.

I can hear you know, you're saying WHAT is she talking about?

I know, its sounds crazy but hear me out: How many times do you get one extra hour? Only once a year I tell you! How often do you wish you had just one extra hour? Think of all the things you could do, the projects you could finish, hour long drama's you could watch. What a wonderful gift that extra hour is!

Its so wonderful I propose we get an extra hour more than just once a year! Think about it: Christmas and Thanksgiving are only once a year but they are a full day! We should get 24 extra hours per year, its only fair. Actually make that 25 because those crazy fools take one away in the spring.

Now, I realize that we do get 24 extra hours one year but Leap Year only comes every 4 years so we are cheated 3/4's the time. Its time to stand up for our rights! We deserve our extra 23 hours! Since the presidential candidate's felt intimidated by my previous offer I now say the candidate that says he will give us our extra 23 hours gets my vote!

So what productive way did I spend my extra hour this morning? I slept. The babies slept late and I took full advantage of it. It was totally productive considering that I'm so tired some days from long term sleep deprivation. Maybe that extra hour will make me less cranky. Nah, I think it will take that extra 23 hours I'm requesting to take care of that!


The Sharp Family said...

One hour more would be great... but let's just think about the hospital workers if you will. I WORKED 13 HOURS LAST NIGHT!!!! I don't care for "Fall Back" unless I am not working. :)

Brandy said...

I like the "extra" hour but I hate that it gets dark so early.

I guess I can't have it both ways since I also hate that it's dark when I wake up. LOL!

Crystal said...

I love you're suggestion!

Crystal said...

Oops I think I just typed "you're"...meant your!

Brandy said...

Hey! This post was on my Blogher ad...and so was my Apple Cider Cake blog! Yahoo!

Thought you might want to know...