Monday, November 24, 2008

Dance Off

I realize that I'm going to look like a total copy cat with this post. Kristin at A Family is Forever just posted the funniest video of her 2 girls dancing. Be sure to check it out because its absolutely hilarious! My 18 year old Ross even watched it and laughed. But I had planned a dance blog post too and decided to do it this morning-- pinky promise! So the post must go on!

This morning Jenna and Emma were shaking their Groove Thang and I told Jenna that tonight she and Emma could have a Dance Off, just like Miley Cyrus and her way-too-old for her BFF what's her name. She of course (well maybe not of course these days) didn't know anything about that but two words caught her attention: Dance and Video. She was in.

However, when tonight came Emma was a Crabby Patty to the extreme. Her dance off with Jenna didn't exactly go as planned.

With Emma's forfeit a new challenger arose. Someone who had decided to join the fracas.

Ryan's free style moves where kind of extreme but Jenna was determined by the judges (mom and Ross) to be the winner.

Was there no one of merit to challenge the Champion? Julia left for Nashville earlier this evening and she seemed the only person worthy of the challenge. Or was she?

As you can see the Dance Off was interrupted by Emma (also affectionately known as ChubbyChonga)so a winner was not determined.

Somethings are better left unknown, or in this case, perhaps best unseen.


Kristin said...

You are a better mom than I! You took place in a dance off AND allowed it to be videotaped for the world to see. :-)

Better you than me is all I have to say. Hee hee!

Mandy said...

Looks like fun!! :)

Stopping by from SITS today. You were above me in roll call! Have a good one!

Lorie said...

Denise, that was great, looks like you had fun. Great job!!!

Brandy said...

I think that Emma was just scared of Jenna's moves.

And now I know where she gets them from. Hot momma!

Anonymous said...

Ok I am impressed!!!
Makes me want to get up and dance with my crew...but I am a horrid dancer.
AP 2 Vietnam Phu Tho

Crystal said...

That made my day! I can't believe you posted that video of you dancing! I think you and Jenna would have tied! (:

Denise said...

Yeah, I wasn't too sure posting that was such a great idea and then I thought, why not? Just that morning I gave Julia a speech about not letting fear stop you from doing something. I took my own advice.

April said...

omg, your house looks so ridiculously FUN.

Brandy said...

Woah baby is right...Emmett is hawt!

Your letter is "R" - good luck!

Kristy said...

So , so much fun!!1 I love this!! Denise thank you so much for encouraging me the past couple of weeks. I hope you know that you have become quite a blessing in my life.
Love and blessings, Kristy