Thursday, November 20, 2008

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily...My Life is But a Blog

I think maybe I blog too much. Or I think that maybe I view my life in terms of my blog. Something happens and I, and now those around me, ask "Is this blog worthy?" or "Will you put this in your blog... please???"

Julia had a chorus concert on Tuesday night. It was all the sixth grade middle school chorus and sixth grade middle school band. Now keep in mind that ALL of the sixth grade must either be in chorus, band or the very small orchestra and you can imagine how many students there were.

Many students(Parents+Siblings+Grandparents)= Many, many people

(Who said math wasn't my strong suit??? And story problems too!)

We arrived later than the preordained 6:45 for a 7:00 concert time (which never, never happens by the way -- the starting on time, not the us being late) and because of our lateness the gym bleachers were completely full.

Trace lucked out had class so he missed the concert but for everyone else in the house attendance was mandatory, much to Ross' chagrin. So there we are standing next to the bleachers, me carrying Emma, Ross carrying Ryan and Jenna jumping around like a Mexican Jumping Bean. Add a case of claustrophobia for Ross, lightly stir with a swirling crowd and you get a cranky teenager. But chairs were pulled out of closets and we were soon seated to the side of the bleachers, Ryan on Ross' lap and me holding both Emma and Jenna on my lap.

The concert begins, the babies are being quiet and Ross becomes quite aggravated when he realizes that the band and chorus are toggling back and forth AND they start out demonstrating the breathing techniques. I had a program in my hand and Ross asked "How many songs do they perform?"

I looked at the program and tried to be evasive. "Several."

"How many is several?"

"More than you want to know."

But it seemed to go quickly, when band starts learning their instruments they are playing one line songs! I remember well from Trace's trombone days and my flute lessons. We happened to be sitting right in front of the band and towards the end of the concert Emma started waving her arms around when they played and stopping when they stopped. It didn't Ross and I long to figure out that Emma was watching the band director and mimicking him.

And of course I had to have video of that!

Emma was on my lap so I handed the camera to Ross who got several short videos of Emma in action-- and she was a very excited band director! I also got several short videos of Julia's chorus and mercifully, the concert was over.

When we got home I told Julia about Emma and she wanted to watch the video of Emma on my camera. I was too tired Tuesday night to upload the pictures and videos and write a blog post so I put it off until last night. But before I uploaded the pictures and videos I planned to delete the ones that didn't turn out. I started going through my pictures and there were no videos of Emma directing the band. At first I thought that Ross hadn't actually filmed it and I was beginning to become very aggravated at him. But then I realized that Julia had actually watched the videos of Emma and commented on how cute she was.

She erased the videos. She was now on The List. You know the list I speak of, the one that includes people that you would like to thrash within an inch of their life. Thankfully for Julia, she was temporarily predisposed. A life was saved. And luckily for her I don't stay mad long. Life saved twice.

But when I realized that my wonderful videos were deleted I was very vocal about my displeasure while I sat at my computer.

Ross walked up and said "Did you already write a blog post about it and now you can't use it?"

"No, I haven't written anything yet but I had something planned..."

"And now you don't have anything to write about?"

"That's not the point!"

And then I realized that my life is but a blog. I need to get a life. But wait, my blog is my life. Hey wait, was this an episode on The Twilight Zone?


Carey said...

As one who visits your blog daily, I appreciate that your life is your blog and vice versa. I have two favorite blogs and There's Always Room for One More is one of them. Besides your writing style and the fact that you have a blended (bio & adopted) family, I love the fact that you post something nearly daily so I can get my fix. Thank you!

The Johnson 5 said...

I feel your pain sister, I feel you pain!! My life is my blog also.

So how did the concert turn out? We have one in 2 weeks. I picked my son up this afternoon from his practice a few minutes early because I had to get 2 other kids to their practices. (you know my pain)
So I got a little sneak peek, it was...intresting. Were all very excited!! (not really all of us, but at least me and Hannah :)

Kristin said...

Oh my, this post made me giggle. First off, I understand Ross's pain. BTDT with band. I would get so irritated when the 6th/7th/8th grade bands would alternate songs so we were there forever. Or so it seemed.

Then, neither little girl would sit quietly so I spent most of the concert out in the courtyard all while trying to run in when Katie or Alex's band was playing. Didn't work.

Would have loved to see Emma as a band director. I am sure that was adorable!!!

I fall into the "is this blogworthy" or "can I blog about this" category. It makes my kids crazy.

I haven't felt very "bloggy" this week so am trying to get back on track!!

Crystal said...

I'm sorry you lost your videos but at least can have that memory in your memory!

Lorie said...

Denise, I must commend you, even though the video was erased, you still carry your camera/video w/ you everywhere, I know I'm new to blogging, but I still don't do that....I will learn I promise....

At least Emma was entertained and sat through the concert, just think it could have been another movie scene, up and down, up and down and up and down the stairs.