Friday, November 21, 2008

Adventure at Twilight

So after my last post I have decided to accept that my life is an open book blog and everything is fair game. That being said, I want it to be known that I don't have to make this stuff up. Its all real. I seem to attract the unusual. Its just me. Or maybe it's the situations that I put myself in. Take last night for example.

I've made it pretty clear that I love the Twilight book series and I really, really wanted to see the movie. The problem is that I didn't know anyone else who wanted to see it too. I hate to go to movies alone but I was prepared to do just that. I wanted to see this movie within 24 hours of its release. I contemplated going on Friday afternoon while the babies napped and let Trace watch them after his class.

When I went online to see the show times and prepurchase my tickets I noticed that the theater was showing Twilight at 12:01. Hmmm.... I've done the midnight thing before with the last Harry Potter book. All I needed was my partner in crime. My biggest problem was that this was NOT his kind of movie. But lucky for me I had 2 things going for me:

1) Trace thinks unusual field trips like this are "interesting"
and 2) It was after midnight and he didn't want his mommy out alone that late.

He good naturedly agreed, Ross committed to sleeping on the second floor while I was gone and I bought the tickets the day before. It was all falling into place.

Last night was dubbed the Coldest Night of the Year on the 10:00 news and not knowing if we would be doing any waiting outside I dressed appropriately. But we showed up and got right in. In fact, as we handed out tickets to the theater employee at 11:35 p.m. she told us all the theaters were open and we could sit in any one we chose. We decided to go to the theater our tickets were for: Theater 2.

We went in and it was packed. Half the first row was elderly women, and I mean ELDERLY women. One woman had to be at least 80 years old! Maybe she knew Edward (the central vampire character) from her youth, who knows, but I was a bit surprised. Trace, of course, noticed the multitude of teenage girls who were already screaming. There really weren't any seats open so we decided to go to the theater next to it. Theater 1

Theater 1 was surprisingly empty. That should have been our first clue. (This is called foreshadowing.) But it was a much smaller theater and the doors were closed while the others were open. There was woman and about a 7 year old boy and that was it. We watched pre previews and talked the entire time wondering why no one else was coming in. Right before the official previews began two 20 something guys walked in. This was weird.

A (bad) picture of Trace and I waiting for our movie to start. Yes this is what I look like when I applied my makeup at 7:30 am and it is now 11:55 pm with no touch ups.

The previews started and they were all kid movies and then what appeared to be the feature movie started.

"Is this a Disney movie?" Trace asked as the Disney intro is shown.

"No. This is weird."

Next thing we know an animated movie is showing about a little white dog and a girl who's father is kidnapped.

"Uh, I don't think this is it."

"No kidding??? Go check and see what's going on." I told Trace. He was closest to the aisle.

He disappeared and then reappeared at the steps waving for me to come out. Turns out that out of 20 theaters in the entire place we picked the one and only one that was showing Bolt. Who in their right mind would see a cartoon at midnight?

I was ticked. If I missed even one millisecond of this movie....

Trace led us to the theater across the hallway and we found 2 seats at the very edge against the wall. Lucky for me the movie hadn't started yet but the screaming had.

The movie started and the next 2 hours were spent with Trace smirking and asking me if this or that was in the book. There was lots of clapping and cheering at parts MUCH to Trace's amusement. When the credits started rolling Trace asked "Can we go now?" I dressed for the cold and we made our way out of the theater. Right in front of us were a couple of teenage girls talking and one was saying "I want to see it again tomorrow when I can focus."

Trace and I turned to each other and laughed. Heaven only knows why she couldn't focus the first time.

As we walked to the car Trace announced "I wish I had stayed in the dog movie."

"Yeah, but it was a great adventure."

And that it was.

I'm withholding my "review" of this movie until others have seen it. I'm eager to hear their reactions.

Oh, and I think Trace will be posting as a guest poster about our experience. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.


Brandy said...

Oh I love it! And the picture is a good one...I can tell he's thrilled to be there.

Why are they showing cartoons at midnight??? And why was that lady there with a 7 yr old at midnight?

I'm going tonight at 8 - if you missed my million tweets with this information. If someone wants to stalk me, just hit me up on twitter. It would make it much easier. LOL!

~Issy said...

I am the only person who has no clue what a "Twilight" is, aren't i?

I can, however, sing the Dora Song (Dora, Dora, Doraaaa the Explorerrrr) and i can do a wonderful "GGGGooooo Gabagabaaaa". Oh, and i know ALL of The WonderPets names (Lenny, Tuck and Ming-Ming, too...we're wonderpets and we'll save your tush, too...) and i know THEIR songs, too.

I need to get out more, don't i? When are you coming to Nashville? ;)

You're not going to block a non-Starbucks drinking, no-knowing about "Twilight" person (that would be me, lol) from your blog, are you? :)

Denise said...

Issy, you'll have to do worse than THAT to be blocked!

I love the Wonder Pets but I drive Jenna crazy when I sing their song my way:

"We're not too cute and we're not real smart but when we come together we've got the right stuff. Go Wonder Pets!"

Man I need a life...

Beverly said...

Before kids and my brother getting married he was my partner to all movies and plays. He actually hated going with me but since I was paying he was willing. He said he hated watching movies with me because I talk through them, Harrumph! But he speaks truthfully because I do if they are suspensful! heh.

Beverly said...

~Issy, no you are not the only one, I have no idea either. Seems it is from a book series though.

~Issy said...

Beverly, thank you for making me feel better. :) I'm so glad you have no idea, too!! ;)

From a book series, eh? I guess this book series doesn't include stories about Elmo, does it? hehee...

Gatlin said...

Well, I hear from friends that "Twilight" is a disappointment. BUt "BOLT" was fabulous!!! We loved it and can't wait to see it again!!! Wendi

Kristin said...

I read this today during school (lunch time--I was not ignoring my kids!!) and laughed the whole time.

First, kudos to Trace for taking mom to the movies. Maybe he commented the whole time but at least he went with you!!

Cracked me up that you ended up in the wrong theater. But you are right--who shows a cartoon at midnight??? On a school night??

And speaking of school night....why were these teen girls in Twilight at midnight?? Maybe they were college girls. After all, they don't have a schedule.

I found it hysterical that all the elderly people were in the audience at midnight. My grandmother sleeps most of the day. There is NO way she'd be up for a movie at midnight!!! Hats off to those grandmas! That's the kind of grandma we should all wish to be....if we're not too tired.

Now, even with all your talk, I have NO idea what Twilight is about. As my tag tonight shows, I am not into movies or TV very much right now. :-) Give me Dora, Disney, or Barbie and I'm there.

Man, I need to get a life.

Denise said...

Wendi, Twilight was a HUGE disappointment, this from the woman who never agrees with critics. The acting was absolutely horrid and reminded me of a bad high school play with lines seemly improvised and adlibbed. I knew it wouldn't be as good as the book, movies never are, but it could have been like a Harry Potter movie and stood on its own. Instead it was like Eragon, another huge embarrassment.

Denise said...

Looks like I need to do a multiple Twilight book giveaway so all you poor under-a-rock people can see what all the excitement's all about.

You think I'm kidding...

~Issy said...

Me, Me, Meeee!!!

I live under a rock.

There isn't a Starbucks or a Twlight where my rock is.

I think i deserve to win!

Wait...what are we winning?, nevermind. I wouldn't read it because it doesn't have pics of Elmo in it. :))

Gatlin said...

Go see "Bolt" with the kids - it will cheer you up and you'll forget all about that silly "Twilight". (: Wendi

sassy stephanie said...

Oh man. How funny! I am so anxious to see it, but I sort of want to wait a few days for the craziness to die down. I don't want to pay big bucks to hear the audience the whole time. But, I am DYING while waiting!!

Supercool Hotmama said...

I can't wait to hear his reaction to it! My 19 yo and 15 yo boys went with me. Both are big Twilight fans. We had to deal with all the screaming too, but that was part of the fun. More fun than the movie so far. I'm thinking I'll enjoy it more the second time, when I can deal with my lowered expectations and just enjoy the movie.

Erica said...

I loved it! Ok, so chances are it would have had to be absolute crap because I liked the books enough to make up for any movie disasters. I even dragged the man friend with me and he agreed it was pretty cool (code for slightly better than expected--this was, afterall, payback for dragging me to Rocky 8 or whatever).

I was concerned that I would not like the actors that played Edward and Jacob, but actually I think they did a pretty good job. I thought Bella was pretty accurately cast.

So, yeah, you aren't the only one. Except I went Sunday night and totally missed all the screaming girls.