Thursday, July 23, 2009


Within a matter of a few hours, 2 milestones were reached in our house last week.

Last Thursday night, right after bedtime, Jenna lost her top front tooth. It's not her first tooth lost, it's actually her 4th, but there's something about losing those top teeth. When the permanent teeth come in, they just don't look like babies anymore. So while she would wiggle the tooth every chance she got to make it come out, I told her that she was wasting her time because I was just going to Superglue it back in.

For some reason, she didn't believe me. And she was right, I didn't Superglue it back in because I couldn't find the dog gone glue. I can't find anything in this house these days including, but not limited to: the charger for my camera battery, the battery for my video camera, mailing tape-- well you get the point.

But I digress, as usual. I was very sad to see that little tooth laying in the palm of her hand. I lost my little girl last Thursday night.

And a mere few hours later I lost my baby. Emma turned 2. And given my over all melancholy state at that point, I cried.

Her birthday was Friday but for a whole host of reasons I won't bore you with, we had her party on Sunday. Of course, she never knew the difference.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Emma was crying because I had recently come home with a bunch of balloons and she wanted one. This girl Loves balloons, and yes with a capital L. So being the loving mother that I am, I cut one off and gave it to her.

This is later in the party but apparently the only photo that captured the balloons. Obviously, Emma's lone balloon wasn't missed.

She was a happy girl dancing and entertaining the masses with her balloon.

While Ryan demonstrated his newly acquired Choke Hold on his cousin Adam. Notice that he really does have an audience.

Emma sitting on Uncle Kevin's lap. Holding her balloon, of course.

Happy girl!

Okay, so the cake didn't say "Happy Birthday Emma" but the girl can't read anyway. It was obvious to everyone there the cake was for her. Yes, I am a slacker mom and bought the cake only a few hours before. With the balloons.

Emma's freaking out a bit because she can't quite figure out why I'm holding her sideways and leaning her toward the cake. Therapy in her future, perhaps?

But then I showed her that she needed to blow out the candle. She didn't quite do it but she ended up having fun and the cake wasn't covered with spit. That's always a plus.

Birthday cake makes everyone happy, especially when it's yours.

Am I supposed to eat that?

Wearing frosting in your hair is the newest trend. Keep up people.

And then there were gifts, but her favorite item by far was that stinkin' balloon. At least now I know what I'm getting her for Christmas.


Kristin said...

I love Emma's hair!! It looks adorable!

Lorie said...

Amelia too loves her some balloons. And of course they always love the box more than the gift, just like the balloons, if there weren't older kids around I might try to just by her some empty water bottles and boxes for Christmas myself...haha.

Glad you are back, and hope you are feeling better.!!!!

Brandy said...

I swear she is too cute for words, even when she's crying. And I've been wearing frosting in my hair for years...who knew?!

Kristin said...

Awww! Kaylee lost her first tooth this past week too. And Emma is so, so cute!!! I just love her little ponytails! Happy 2nd Birthday Emma!!

Okay, I'm off to go get some frosting for my hair....

katrina said...

She looks like a happy girl!

Kat said...

What a cutie!

And isn't it funny how they are enraptured by the simplest things? I remember the first time my mom took Katie shopping fo rher birthday. They went to Toys R Us and my mom told Katie that she could pick out whatever she wanted. Guess what she picked out? A $12 umbrella! Both of my girls still have a fascination with those things!!

Tommi-Lynn said...

Emma is sooooo beautiful! BTW, Anabelle makes that same exact crying face :-(

Lindsey's mom said...

Happy Bday!!!! I have to catch up on your posts..been out of town.

Angel said...

Happy B Day Emma!!!

Chloe is big on the balloons too. I don't know why I buy her anything else, I should just buy a bag of balloons when I go out and call it a day!

Jill said...

Denise! Isn't it funny that little ones do that? Forget the toys just get a balloon!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Emma!