Friday, June 19, 2009

Mommy Runsaway: Part Two-- Mommy Needs a Computer

I took tons of pictures yesterday to put on my blog but my laptop had other plans. It's being totally uncooperative and is on the brink of death. At one point I got a "blue screen" but Trace, my on call computer guru, told me that it wasn't the blue screen of death. So I guess it's on life support. Or not, because it's currently tucked in it's case. Maybe it needed a vacay too.

Carey has been kind enough to lend me her lap top. I think she was afraid of the withdrawal from the internet side affects. I have to admit that the twitching and the foaming at the mouth were a bit on the high drama side. So you'll get sporadic updates but no pictures.

Emma and I had a 8:05 flight direct from Kansas City to Los Angeles but Emma was not a happy girl. First of all, a girl needs her beauty sleep and with her going to sleep late the night before and the audacity of her mother waking her up around 6:00 to get her dressed. Well, it was all a bit much so she got even the only way she knew. She made life miserable on the plane. About half the flight was her mad because... well sometimes it just wasn't apparent why. Finally, after the plane landed and we were waiting on the tarmac to get to our gate, she fell asleep. Of course.

We were at the back of the plane (my choice) and we were the last ones off. When we got to the baggage claim Carey and her boys, Jack and Logan, were eagerly waiting for us. {Insert picture of Carey and her boys} After retrieving our luggage, we loaded into the car and headed for the beach! We spent about an hour on Malibu beach. {insert picture of me looking like Malibu Barbie} Emma and the boys dug in the sand and walked along the edge of the ocean. Emma liked the waves as long as they didn't get too high. {insert picture of Emma at the edge of the ocean}

We then headed to a restaurant on the other side of the highway which involved going under a bridge, by a man camped on the steps who was very talkative and by a lizard . But we made it safely across and went to a restaurant that had fish. Since I'm on an adventure, I tried a shrimp taco which was good. Emma was more mundane and stuck with chicken strips and french fries. It was then time to head to Carey's and just hang out. The rest of the day was very low key. Me have a low key day? I know!

Scott, Carey's husband, did call to check and verify that I was not an ax murderer. I told her to tell him that I did pass 3 background checks for 3 different adoptions but that Ryan's adoption was completed a year ago. Twelve months is enough time for me to be a busy girl. However, I'm not sure you an bring an ax on a plane. Not that I've checked.

So today will be another low key, laid back day. We're heading to the park later and just chillin'. Like a villian.


Anita said...

Denise, enjoy your time away, and with Carey. Chillin' had great merit.................relax!

Kristin said...

I am picturing the pictures in my head right now! LOL!! Hope you have a wonderful vacation, so deserve it!!!!

LenaLoo said...

Sounds like you're havin a great time :)

Brandy said...

Carey is actually doing me (and the rest of the EE ladies) a favor cause if you ARE an ax murderer we will know pretty soon.

Except that you'll probably drive to TN and be able to bring the ax with you. Hmmmm.

Jill said...

Okay...I did not gather, before now, that this is the first time you have met Carey? So glad that Scott could come home from work safely!
Have a great time!

The Royal Family said...

Denise, I am having a giveaway on my blog and I have allowed the readers to get an entra entry or two by donating to continuing the journey. I will let you know if I need help verifying donations if Anyone takes me up on my offer.

Hope your trip is great!

Karen (KayKay) said...

Sounds wonderful so far. Can't wait to hear the rest and see pictures.

Crystal said...

Hope you're having a blast!